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To find the books go to FDU.EDU. Next go to “Web Shortcuts” and select libraries from the drop down list. Then select “Search Library Catalog”. Type in your subject and click search. If your subject contains more than one word, go to “Advanced”  then type in your subject and make sure it says “Subject” in the box labeled “Within.”  You can also search by title, author, ISBN and call number.

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Baumohl B (2012) The Secrets of Economic Indicators FT Press Upper Saddle River NJ HB 3730 B38 2012 Stacks

Baumol W Blinder A (2012) Economics Principles and Policy Southwestern Mason OH HB 171.5 B322 (2012) New Books

Boyes Melvin (2009) Fundamentals of Economics Houghton Mifflin New York HB 171.5 B69444 2009 Stacks

Florida R (2010) The Great Reset Harper Collins New York HC 106.84 F56 2010 Stacks

Goodman P (2009) Past Due: The End of Easy Money and the Renewal of the American Economy Times Books New York HC 106.83 G66 2009 Stacks

Kotler P (2015) Confronting Capitalism American Management Association HB501. K5966 2015 New Books

Sowell T. (2011) Basic Economics : A Common Sense Guide to the Economy Basic Books New York HB 521 S713 2011 Stacks

Stanford J, (2008) Economics for Everyone: A Short Guide to the Economics of Capitalism Pluto Press Ann Arbor MI HB 501 S764 2008 Stacks

Tetlock P Gardner D (2015) Superforecasting: The Art and Science of Prediction Crown Publishers New York HB 3730 T47 2015 New Books

Roubin N, Mihm S. (2010) Crisis Economics Penguin Press New York HB 3722 R68 2010 Stacks


(To find the databases go to FDU.EDU. Next go to “Web Shortcuts” and select libraries from the drop down list. Then select “FDU Online Library”)


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