Cosmetic Science Research Guide

The concept of cosmetics is as old as human history. It is a popular topic in both everyday life and academia. This subject shows up in many fields of study, such as art, anthropology, biology, economics, industrial design, marketing, chemistry, psychology, etc. If you ever need to choose a topic for your research, cosmetics can present you with a unique angle.

A few titles from our reference shelves will provide you a quick start with some useful background information.

The chemistry and manufacture of cosmetics           REF TP983 .C64 2000
Handbook of cosmetic science and technology          REF TP983 .H24 2014
International cosmetic ingredient dictionary and handbook     REF TP983 .I58 2008
The safe shopper's bible : a consumer's guide to nontoxic household products, cosmetics, and food                                                                                                                                   REF TX356 .S74 1995
The Gale encyclopedia of nursing & allied health             REF RT21 .G353 2006

In case you need more items from our online catalog, CoolCat, try keywords such as:

cosmetic science

beauty culture
personal beauty
clothing and dress


Just like many professional researchers, former FDU students had chosen cosmetics as their topics for master thesis or doctoral dissertation. You can find them with a simple online catalog search. They are all located onsite as reference material in two separate rooms - the Sammartino Room and the Adams' Room.



If you have a chance to check our career related database, the Ferguson's Career Guidance Center, you can find dozens of cosmetic related job titles from a broad range of industries. This is a great tool for you to explore the possible career option in cosmetic science. Much of the information you find in this database can also guide your current studies in FDU.



Since cosmetic science is related to so many fields, a great number of library online databases can be used for your research depending on what focus you choose. For instance, if you are writing a short essay about fashion in popular culture, you might want to use databases like Academic Search Primier, or ProQuest Research Library. However, if you are doing a scientific research on a specific cosmetic product about a certain ingredient, we have databases like ScienceDirect College Edition, or Science Online, or American Chemical Society (ACS) e-Journals & e-Books. Of cause, if you research a cosmetic product in marketing, a business database like ABI/INFORM Complete, or Simmons National Consumer Survey, could be of great value to you. Still need help? Not sure which database is best for your project? You can always consult with a librarian.



There is a wealth of information regarding cosmetics on the Internet. U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) website has one section dedicated to cosmetics alongside topics like food, drug, medical devices, etc.




Worth mentioning - FDU offers a MS in Cosmetic Science. The program was introduced in 1982.



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