British Literature Research Guide

Start on FDU’s homepage,, and open “Web Shortcuts” dropdown box at left: Select “Libraries”.

To find background information on your topic:

Go to FDU Online Library, choose Credo Reference and

Select “Find Topics Pages” and search “English Literature”.

A Key book in the reference collection:     British Writers  Ref. PR 85. B688

To find books, go to Search Library Catalog:

Select Location “Giovatto Library” for books or “E-Books” to access books online

Preview books in “Google Books”

Key book: The Oxford Shakespeare: The Complete Works   PR 2755. W45 2005

A. Baugh. A History of the English Language

A. Baugh, et al. A Literary History of England

A Manual of the Writings in Middle English, multi-volume

Oxford History of English Literature. 13vols

The Rutledge History of English Poetry. 6 vols

Correale and Hamel. Sources and Analogues of the Canterbury Tales. 2 vols

E.S. Loomis ed. Arthurian Literature in the Middle Ages

Parks and Beatty. The English Drama, 900-1642

E.K. Chambers. The Medieval Stage

A.D. Cousins. The Shakespeare Encyclopedia

Watt. The Rise of the Novel


Tuttleton. The Novel of Manners in America


Preminger and Brogan, eds. The New Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics.

Groden and Kreiswirth, eds. The Johns Hopkins Guide to Literary Theory & Criticism.

Bloom. The Closing of the American Mind.

Telushkin. Jewish Literacy.

Carroll. Abandonment of the Jews.

Mendelsohn. The Lost.

On-Line Sites

The Labyrinth. Resources for Medieval Study.

Chaucer Research in Chaucer Review

International Medieval Bibliography

Twentieth Century Literature

Humanities Index

British Humanities Index

American Humanities Index

Literary History of the United States

Year’s Work in English Studies

Annual Bibliography of English Language and Literature


To find scholarly, magazine, or newspaper articles, go to FDU Online Library

Key Databases:

JSTOR Scholarly Journal Archive

Literature Resource Center

Literary Reference Center

MLA International Bibliography

To find scholarly articles:

 Select “peer-review” where available

If full text of the article is not available, go to Journal Locator and select “Title Equals”

If is still not available, go to Google Scholar

If not available, then fill Interlibrary Loan Request Form @ FDU Library web page

Also use Google Scholar’s Related Articles feature to find more articles

To assist with your references, go to


Key Websites

British Library: English Literature

British Library: Literary Landscapes