British History Research Guide


To find the books go to FDU.EDU. Next go to “Web Shortcuts” and select libraries from the drop down list. Then select “Search Library Catalog”. Type in your subject and click search. If your subject contains more than one word, go to “Advanced” then type in your subject and make sure it says “Subject” in the box labeled “Within.”  You can also search by title, author, ISBN and call number.

Suggested Books

Andersen C (2011) William and Kate :A Royal Love Story Gallery Books New York (DA591 A45 M5528 2011

Blair T. (2010) Tony Blair :A Journey Alfred A Knopf New York (DA591 B56 A3 2010)

Brown T. (2007) The Diana Chronicles Doubleday New York (DA591 A45 D522595)

Cannon J. (1997) The Oxford companion to British History Oxford University Press New York (REF DA 34 093 1997)

Coward B. (1980) The Stuart Age Longman New York (DA375 C68)

DeLisle L (2013) Tudor PublicAffairs New York (DA315.D44)

Gardiner J and Wenborn N. (1997) The Columbia Companion to British History Columbia University Press New York ( REF DA.H64 1997)

Jones D (2013) The Plantagenets Viking New York (DA225.J76)

Keay J and Keay J (1994) Collin’s Encyclopedia of Scotland HarperCollins London (REF DA 772.C618 1994)

Mitchel S ed (1998) Victorian Britain :An Encyclopedia  Garland Publishing New York (REF DA 550.V53 1988)

Moore C. (2013) Margaret Thatcher Alfred A Knopf New York (DA591 T47 M6675 2013)

Reid P. Manchester W (2012) The Last Lion Little Brown and Company Boston (DA 566.9.C5 M26 2012)

Smith S. (2012) Elizabeth The Queen Random House New York (DA590.S55 2012)

Wood S (1995) Historical Britain The Harvill Press London (REF DA 600.W77 1995)



Suggested Databases



Academic Search Premier

Ancient & Medieval History Online

Modern World History Online


 (To find the databases go to FDU.EDU. Next go to “Web Shortcuts” and select libraries from the drop down list. Then select “FDU Online Library”)





Other Resources

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