Placement Testing


Welcome to the Academic Resource Center's placement testing information site. Once you decide to attend the Metropolitan Campus of FDU, you will begin to receive information designed to guide you through the process.

During Overnight Orientation Days, newly admitted full-time undergraduates and transfer students who have not completed first-level reading, English, or mathematics courses required by their major must present themselves for testing.

Our test, Accuplacer™ Online, is designed to determine your ability with reading comprehension, sentence skills, and elementary algebra. In addition, depending on the requirements of your major, a foreign language exam may be administered.

If your test scores indicate that you do not place into college-level courses, you will be required to take developmental courses. These courses do not carry credit towards graduation but are counted for purposes of residency, financial aid and athletics eligibility. Developmental courses prepare you to be successful in your college level work. It is important to do your best on these exams.

About the Test

Accuplacer™ Online uses the Internet as its platform. You will take three test sections administered on the computer. Each of them is multiple-choice in style. They include reading comprehension, sentence skills, and elementary algebra. Those students who receive a high score on the elementary algebra section will be prompted to take the college-level mathematics section. All of these tests are adaptive, which means that the computer automatically determines the next questions to be presented based upon responses to prior questions. This technique selects questions which are neither too easy nor too difficult.

Test sections are untimed, so you will have sufficient time to think about your desired answer. Once that answer has been selected and confirmed, you may not return to it.


Questions are presented on screen one at a time with all possible answer choices. You may also find additional information, such as a reading passage, picture or table of information, which is needed to answer the question. The keyboard or mouse may be used to select your choice. When an answer is chosen and the "NEXT" button has been clicked, a box will appear asking for confirmation of your choice. At this point, you may cancel, go back and choose a different answer, or confirm by clicking on the "OK" button. To cancel and choose another answer, click on the "CANCEL " button.

Because this test is adaptive, every question must be answered in the order given. You may not return to a question once the "NEXT" button has been selected. If the answer is completely unknown, try to eliminate one or more choices and pick from those remaining. At the end of the test, one of two pages will appear: A page indicating that your test is complete, or one which tells you which test you have completed and which test will be taken next.

Description of Test Sections/Sample Questions

For detailed information about the Accuplacer™ Online and sample questions, click here.

Remember to read the information which comes with your Overnight Orientation Reservation Card and proceed as directed.

For further information, please contact Michael Kohn, Assistant Director, Academic Resource Center.