Please read the following information to ensure full understanding of the transfer process through SEVIS. 


Transfer process for current students, students on OPT, and graduated students:

  • All students must meet with an ISS Advisor to discuss the transfer out procedure and understand all immigration rules regarding transfer
  • It is critical that you maintain your F-1 status with FDU up until the SEVIS release date (currently enrolled students should continue to maintain full time study and enrollment up until the approved SEVIS release date)
  • You will complete the Transfer Out Request Form - only available after meeting with an ISS Advisor
  • Sign Transfer Out Agreement
  • Submit the letter of admission from the institution you wish to attend (this letter must be on institution letter head and include your full name, date you will begin at your new school, and contact information for you new school)
  • Complete required forms to withdraw for FDU and obtain all appropriate departmental signatures- the withdrawal form will be given to you after all required transfer paperwork is submitted to ISS.
    ***Please note graduating students, students current on OPT or STEM extension OPT, do not need to complete a withdrawal form***


Again, it is critical that any student requesting a transfer to another US institution meet with an Advisor.   Any questions or concerns should be addressed prior to the SEVIS release date to avoid any problems.



Initial/New student transfer:

  • If you are a initial/new student to FDU and have not yet enrolled an initial transfer to another US institution will be considered by the Office of International Student Services at FDU only after submission of all required documentation
  • All documents must be submitted prior to the program start date on the FDU I-20. Initial/New students requesting to transfer after the FDU program start date on the FDU I-20 will not be able to transfer in initial status.
    ***(The immigration requirement is that you report to the university on your entry I-20 by the program start date.  If the request for transfer, with all required documents, has not been submitted to International Student Services by the program start date on the FDU I-20 then you have not reported to the university.  The only option for transfer after the program start date is in terminated status.  You would then need to discuss your immigration options with your new school.)***
  • Requirements - You must email with the following: a statement of request for transfer in the email, FDU I-20, passport page, visa, I-94 entry document - print out or card,  admission letter from the new school (this letter must be on institution letter head and include your full name, date you will begin at your new school, and contact information for your new school).
    ***The new institution start date must be within 30 days of the date of entry to the United States to be eligible for initial transfer***
  • After submitting the required documents you will be emailed an Initial Transfer Request Form to complete. This will need to be completed and scanned back in order to complete the process.

         ***In person requests, phone requests, or faxed requests will not be considered.  The initial student transfer request must be made via email by the student whose name is on the I-20.

Please note all transfers must be reviewed for eligibility and will take 5 to 7 business days to process.