SCAM alert

Post 1.11.17


Attention International Students,

There have been recent scams against international students over the past several months attempting to obtain private information.  These scams have included attempts to extract information on bank accounts, immigration records, and requests for various type of payment.  

There has been some students recently who have received phone calls from someone claiming to be a University Official,  IRS (Internal Revenue Service) or USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services).  

Please be aware that these phone calls are most likely SCAMs, or people who are looking to take advantage of international students.

Below is some information that may be of assistance when receiving a phone call from someone claiming to be part of a the university or government agency. Be aware that the university or government agencies will not contact people by phone calls.

Please contact ISS if you receive a phone call that sounds threatening or are attempting to receive a payment from you.


SCAM Alert

Do not engage with any individuals claiming to be able to assist you in paying your tuition or housing payments.    

You may be asked by the person to provide them with sensitive information such as your FDU ID number, webadvisor user name and password, immigration information, and or bank information.  They claim they will make your university payment or housing payment and will save you money or provide you with a good payment plan.


This individual may engage you in a long course of questions and possible intimidation.  In the end the caller may ask for you to  wire money or provide additional personal information.

This may seem like a good deal, but it is a scam. The scammer uses many techinques to receive payments. You may think you don’t have the right to ask questions. But, international students DO have the right to ask people claiming to be authority figures to provide proof of their identity!


What should you do if you receive a call like this? You should:

1. Stay calm. There is always time to ask for information from this person

2. Ask the person for their complete name and identification information.

3. Ask for the person's contact information - email, phone number, address.

4. Let the person know you will contact them back with a university official to discuss the issue.

5. Schedule a time to meet with an ISS Advisor who will work with you.


Remember- you have rights. Don’t let a scammer threaten you or take your money. Contact ISS if you receive any strange phone calls. The USCIS has an information page with resources of what to do when experience this kind of call or situation:

It may also be in your best interest to look into using a personal security organization or seeking Identity Theft protection to secure your information.


Office of International Student Services
Fairleigh Dickinson University

Metropolitan Campus 201-692-2743

College at Florham 973-443-8672