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Post March 23, 2018

Review the below important information on:

  • SEVP Portal
  • Optional Practical Training - OPT
  • EPS Courses in Spring 2018
  • File for Graduation
  • New Executive Order – 8 countries under travel ban
  • International Travel Restrictions on Electronic Devices
  • Connecting with ISS


SEVP Portal for Students on OPT and STEM OPT

On March 23, 2018, the Department of Homeland Security’s Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) will launch the SEVP Portal.

It is MANDATORY that all FDU F-1 students on Post-Completion Optional Practical Training (OPT) or Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) OPT update certain information within the Portal. The Portal is an online reporting tool that you may access using a mobile device or computer.

SEVP will email all students who are within their Approved OPT and STEM OPT periods instructions on creating a portal account on Friday March 23 after 8pm EST. This email will come from do-not If you do not see the email by Monday March 26, check your spam or junk mail folder.

If you have additional issues with the portal you may call the Office of International Student Services to speak with an ISS Advisor on Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays 2pm - 5pm at 201.692.2743. Do not email your concerns you must call during the stated hours.

Please refer to the following ISS webpage for additional information on the Portal:

Optional Practical Training

F-1 students who are completing their academic programs this semester or during the Summer session can apply for OPT with ISS starting February 12th.

ISS will hold OPT Workshops on the application process, rules, and responsibilities and to answer any questions about the application process and what to expect.

Students may schedule an appointment at any time to discuss OPT, or come to Walk In Advising Hours.

See the ISS OPT webpage for additional details on the OPT process, OPT Request Forms, and Workshop Schedule.

Students Taking EPS Spring 2018 – New Immigration Rules

EPS classes are considered English Language Support Classes.

Although at FDU EPS courses are considered 3 credit courses that can be used toward your university full time study registration and therefore eligible toward your scholarship, they do not count as part of a full time study for immigration status.

You must review the following webpage for additional deals about the immigration rules related to EPS classes:

File for Graduation

Filing for graduation is the responsibility of the individual student.  This is the first step in the process to confirm your degree completion by the university, and eventually have your diploma issued.

If this Spring 2018 is your final semester of your program, you must File for Graduation through Webadvisor. This process will allow Enrollment Services and your Academic Department to review your eligibility for your degree completion. If you do not file for graduation you will not officially complete your degree or receive a diploma.

  1. You must visit the following website to review the process to file your graduation:
  2. Enrollment Services will review you are eligible to graduate  by communicating with your Academic Department
  3. You will receive a notification via mail stating either you are completing your program or you have additional credits remaining.  
    This notification will only be sent via mail, so you must have your mailing address up to date with ISS. To update your address with ISS you may complete the Address form located in the ISS office.

 ****Proof of degree completion is required in many instances for international students.  For example – proof to an employer you have a earned a degree, applying for OPT STEM Extension, Government requirements.*****   

Graduation Ceremony – May 2018

In addition, by filing for graduation you will also be able to attend the graduation ceremony in May 2018. Additional information on the ceremony will be posted on the FDU webpage in the early part of Spring 2018 semester.  
ISS will also post this information on the ISS FDU Facebook page, ISS News, and via email to enrolled Spring semester students. If you are completing your program this December or January please be sure to check either ISS FDU Facebook or ISS News for more information in the middle of February.

Indefinite Entry Bar Under Executive Order – New Presidential Travel Ban

On September 24, 2017, President Trump issued a Proclamation pursuant to Section 2(e) of Executive Order 13780, restricting entry to the United Sates for the nationals of eight countries. The restrictions are country-specific, and tailored to the situation of each individual country.

The eight countries subject to the Proclamation are:

  • Chad
  • Iran
  • Libya
  • North Korea
  • Syria
  • Venezuela
  • Yemen
  • Somalia

For details on the new Entry Bar please go to the following website:

Travel Restrictions on Electronic Devices for 10 International Airports

The US Department of Homeland Security has implemented a Travel Ban on certain electronic devices for 10 international airports.

This restriction will take place from now until potential October 14, 2017. Please take the necessary precautions if you are traveling from one of the airports to the United States. You may call the airline in advance for additional details.

See the notification posted on the Department of Homeland Security website.

Evaluated intelligence indicates that terrorist groups continue to target commercial aviation and are aggressively pursuing innovative methods to undertake their attacks, to include smuggling explosive devices in various consumer items. Based on this information, Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly and Transportation Security Administration Acting Administrator Huban Gowadia have determined it is necessary to enhance security procedures for passengers at certain last point of departure airports to the United States.

These enhancements apply to 10 specific airports. The affected overseas airports are:

  • Queen Alia International Airport (AMM)
  • Cairo International Airport (CAI)
  • Ataturk International Airport (IST)
  • King Abdul-Aziz International Airport (JED)
  • King Khalid International Airport (RUH)
  • Kuwait International Airport (KWI)
  • Mohammed V Airport (CMN)
  • Hamad International Airport (DOH)
  • Dubai International Airport (DXB)
  • Abu Dhabi International Airport (AUH)

Additional Travel considerations and visa renewal can be read at the following ISS webpage:

Connecting with ISS

Please be sure to stay in touch with International Student Services either on Facebook  (FDU ISS)  or on the ISS news page

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