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Post  2.20.2017

Review the below important information on

  • New CPT Process at FDU
  • ISS will now accept OPT submissions for students finishing in Spring 2017
  • U.S Presidential Executive Order - 90 Day Travel Ban
  • Connecting with ISS
  • Medical Insurance
  • Filing for Graduation


New CPT Process at FDU

International Student Services has implemented a new CPT process as of 2.17.17 which requires all international students who would like to particpate in an off campus work experience to have their work experience reviewed and approved by the Office of Career Development.


Students must throughly read and follow the required steps outlined in the CPT packet.  Failure to abide by the requirements of CPT could result in termination of the I-20 and SEVIS record.

See CPT packet and additional information at:



ISS is Now Accepting OPT Submissions


Are you completing your degree requirements this Spring 2017 semester or during Summer Session?


If you are, and you wish to apply for Post –Completion Optional Practical Training (OPT), you can apply up to 90 days prior to your program completion.  


You may now review the OPT PACKET and begin collecting the necessary documents.


For additional information on OPT as well as the Spring 2017 OPT Packet, please visit the  

ISS OPT Webpage



ISS will hold OPT Workshops to present on the application process, rules, and responsibilities and ask any questions about the application process and what to expect.

Workshop Schedule Metro: 

Thursday Feb. 16th  3:00pm    Rutherford Room SUB

Tuesday Feb 28th  3:00pm  Rutherford Room SUB

Thursday March 23rd 3:00pm   Rutherford Room SUB


Workshop Schedule Florham:

Tuesday Feb 21st 3:00pm  ISS Office Dean of Students Suite


You may submit your completed OPT application packet to the Office of International Student Services to process beginning Wednesday February 15, 2017.




U.S. Presidential Executive Order- 90 Day Travel Ban

Dear Students,
Many of you have seen the recent U.S. Presidential Executive Order regarding the 90 day travel ban for people traveling from the following countries into the U.S.
Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen.
The below link is the notice from NAFSA - Organization for International Educators, which states the following: 
"Students or scholars who are nationals of one of the above countries and who are currently in the United States in nonimmigrant status (e.g., B, F, J, H, O, TN, etc.), they should not travel outside the United States. Prospective nonimmigrants, and nonimmigrants who were traveling abroad on the date the Executive Order was signed, will not be permitted to enter or reenter the United States, and will likely be told that they cannot board a flight to the United States." 
You may read the full deals including a link to the Executive Order below:
If you are a citizen or resident or recently travel to one of the above mentioned countries, it is recommended to not depart the U.S. until the travel ban is lifted.
If you are a citizen or resident or recently travel to one of the above mentioned countries, and are outside the U.S. currently please contact ISS to discuss your situation.  
All  students who are in the U.S. may continue their studies, OPT, or other activity without interruption.  The travel ban only applies to travel and return from outside the U.S.



Connecting with ISS

Please be sure to stay in touch with International Student Services either on Facebook  (FDU ISS)  or on the ISS news page

ISS FDU Facebook

ISS News


Medical Insurance - New Students

It is University policy that all International Students are required to have medical insurance for the duration of their studies.

You will be automatically provided and billed United Health Care (UNC) medical insurance through the First Student provider for the coverage period of January 1, 2017 to August 14, 2017. The medical insurance charge of $932 will be billed to your student account after course registration and you will be able to access the UHC First Student website 48 hours after registration.

You will need to go to the First Student webpage (see below) to enroll yourself and access your plan information. To access the First Student website you will need your Date of Birth (Month, Day, Year) and your FDU ID number.


On the First Student webpage you will find all of the information you need about the University Group Medical Insurance, including:

  • A complete summary of international student benefits
  • Review frequently asked questions about the insurance plan
  • Enroll to receive benefits
  • Download a temporary Heath Insurance card
  • Find a Doctor Hospital or Lab
  • Overview of prescription drug information
  • FDU Wavier Policy:   International students on FDU F-1 and J-1 sponsored immigration records are required to enroll in the FDU United Health Care medical insurance plan and are not eligible for waiver.  
    ***F-1 or J-1 students who are sponsored by a government agency and are provided medical insurance through that agency may be eligible for waiver as long as their medical insurance meets the wavier criteria.
    ***International students who are in other non immigrant visa categories that have medical insurance through a government agency or have medical insurance through a US based employer may also qualify for a waiver.
    Deadline to waive FDU insurance is February 28, 2017.  
    **** To waive your alterative coverage must meet the criteria stated on the following webpage:

(Please also be aware that even if you have a comprehensive US based insurance plan provided by your employer, embassy, sponsor, or personal insurance provider it may not meet all FDU waiver criteria – in addition, most international insurance plans will not be acceptable)

If you have questions about waiver criteria or plan information you should contact First Student Advisors at:  or  1-800-505-4160    

***FDU is not involved in the waiver process. All requests and decisions are processed through First Student.***



Filing For Graduation


Please be aware that you must file for graduation in order to be considered as a graduate of your academic program. If you do not file for graduation you will not receive a diploma and you will not have completed your degree.


Graduation Ceremony happens in May 2017 -  The Graduation Ceremony Does Not Equal Completion of Degree.


Completion of your academic program - filing for graduation - and confirmation of program completion by Enrollment Services and your academic depart = Degree completion and graduation


For students who graduate this semester or in the winter session you will receive your diploma in late February or early March 2017.


Filing for Graduation


Filing for gradation is the responsibility of the individual student.  This is the first step in the process to confirm your degree completion by the university, and eventually have your diploma issued.


If you are in the final semester of your program, or you will be finishing your program in the winter session or in  Spring 2017 semester, you must File for Graduation through Webadvisor. This process will allow Enrollment Services and your Academic Department to review your eligibility for your degree completion. If you do not file for graduation you will not officially complete your degree or receive a diploma.


  1. You must visit the following website to review the process to file your graduation
  2. Enrollment Services will review your are eligible to graduate  by communicating with your Academic Department
  3. You will receive a notification via mail stating either your are completing your program or you have additional credits remaining.  
    This notification will only be sent via mail, so you must have your mailing address up to date with ISS. To update your address with ISS you may complete the Address form located in the ISS office.

****Proof of degree completion is required in many instances for international students.  For example – proof to an employer you have a earned a degree, applying for OPT STEM Extension, Government requirements.*****



Graduation Ceremony – May 2017

In addition, by filing for graduation you will also be able to attend the graduation ceremony in May 2017. Additional information on the ceremony will be posted on the FDU webpage in the early part of Spring 2017 semester.  
ISS will also post this information on the ISS FDU Facebook page, ISS News, and via email to enrolled Spring semester students. If you are completing your program this December or January please be sure to check either ISS FDU Facebook or ISS News for more information in the middle of February.


ISS FDU Facebook


ISS News