FDU Alert: Your Status

If this is your status: ... then this is your action plan for FDU Alert registration, and to update your FDU Alert contact points:
You already have a username and password on the Webadvisor site. Go to http://webadvisor.fdu.edu/  and log in*. Then:
  • Select your status from the menu (e.g. faculty, staff or student).
  • Click on the FDU Alert link in the menu (under Communication).
  • Review your personal information for accuracy.
  • Make any necessary changes.
  • Submit.

* Note: Webadvisor is offline from 10pm to 3am daily. Please log in before or after this time.

You do not have a username and password for Webadvisor but you do wish to have one. Send request for Webadvisor access to webadvisoradmin@fdu.edu . When you receive Webadvisor access, follow the instructions above.
You do not have a username and password for Webadvisor and you do not wish to have one. Complete the form at http://view2.fdu.edu/legacy/fdualertform.pdf as an interactive PDF page and use your FDU e-mail account to forward it to fdunotify@fdu.edu .
You do not understand why you have been included in the FDU Alert System. Please send an e-mail to fdunotify@fdu.edu letting us know how the FDU Alert message reached you (e-mail? phone? text message?) and at what phone number or address. We will let you know whether the notification reached you in error, or whether someone in the FDU community has asked that you be included.