FDU Alert and Smart Communications


Fairleigh Dickinson University (FDU) has the ability to quickly send email, SMS (cell phone) text messages and voice messages to its students, faculty and staff by rapidly mass broadcasting health, safety and informational messages to keep the FDU community informed and safe in times of emergency and other urgent situations. Examples of unforeseen events and disruptions include snow days, floods, power outages, campus incidents and major schedule changes.


Guardian provides peace of mind and increased security by transforming any mobile phone into a personal safety device. Guardian is activated by initializing a timer simply by dialing 201-347-2342.

How the timer works:

  1. Before traveling from one place to another, such as walking from the library to your Residence Hall late at night, a user activates the Guardian timer on his or her mobile phone.
  2. When the user reaches their destination safely, they deactivate their Guardian timer; Public Safety and first responders are not alerted.
  3. If the timer expires Public Safety and first responders are notified immediately with detailed case information. This is referred to as an active case.

When registering for Guardian, you provide key information such as hair color, eye color, height and weight, and when Public Safety is notified, all this information plus your photo ID appears on a screen within the Public Safety office. Public Safety will immediately contact you or begin an investigation to locate you.

 Panic Call

If you need immediate assistance you may initiate a Panic Call, which is a sister program to Guardian.  When you dial the Panic Call number (201-347-2341) from your mobile phone, Public Safety personnel are immediately notified that you are in urgent need of assistance. The Panic Call can be initiated with or without a timer being activated.

At the same time that the Public Safety personnel receive the Panic Call, an active case opens on the Guardian Console that is monitored by Public Safety personnel. The active case displays your safety profile and geographic location (if available). Public Safety strongly suggests that you reserve a single-digit speed dial number for your Panic Call e.g. #2 or #3

Eye Witness

If you witness a crime or mischievous activity occurring on campus, and would like to notify Public Safety in an easy and confidential manner, you can simply text your "tip" directly to short code 67283.

Just type in FDUTIP MAD or FDUTIP TEA depending on the campus you are on along with the details of the incident in the body of the text.  Public Safety will receive the text on the same Guardian Console that all other active cases are displayed.

Your tip will be completely confidential and will help us make Fairleigh Dickinson an even safer place.


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FDU Alert & SMART Communications is your source for Emergency Information and Personal Safety while on the campuses of Fairleigh Dickinson University. While our campuses are safe, we are always working to make them safer and have developed FDU Alert & SMART Communications as a comprehensive safety toolbox with multiple safety options for you to select from. Choose to participate in one or all of the services shown at left.


To register for FDU Alert notifications, see Your FDU Alert Status.



To register for Guardian, Panic Call or EyeWitness, see SMART Communication Login and Registration.



For more detailed instructions on how to register and use all of these personal safety services, you can download the FDU Alert & SMART Communications Instruction Booklet.