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Certain documents are available for download from the FDU website. These are documents or files that are most usable when printed or when input into a word processor or other computer program. When you click on the word download for one of these documents, your web browser should either

  1. open a dialog box asking you for a path (disk drive, folder, or directory) and filename under which the document can be saved on your local system; or
  2. start the appropriate software to use the document; 
depending on your system and configuration. Clicking on the reference will link to the page that identifies the sponsoring department and provides information about the document.
Document Description reference download file type *
Part-time and Adult Application for Undergraduate Admission reference download PDF
FDU phone directory reference download PDF
University Bulletins reference download PDF
Current (2010) Faculty Handbook reference download PDF
Current (2009) Faculty Manual reference download PDF
Masters Thesis Submittal Form reference download PDF
Transition to Retirement (description) reference download PDF
Academic Integrity Policy reference download PDF
Report Academic Integrity Violations reference link online
Transition to Retirement (contract) reference download MS Word
Notices to Employees: Required Federal Labor Law Posters reference download PDF
Notices to Employees: Required State Labor Law Posters reference download PDF
IRS Form W4 reference download PDF
Immigration Service Form I9 reference download PDF
Motorcycle Program Schedule and Registration reference download PDF

* Some common file types

.doc - Microsoft Word (view with Microsoft Word or other word processor) 
.htm - HTML (view with web browser; save with File|Save As) 
.pdf - Adobe Acrobat (view with free Adobe Acrobat viewer