Order Business Cards

You can order business cards from Copies Plus, your on-campus print production center, and get:

  • low cost per card
  • orders in small quantity
  • fast turnaround

Business cards have been added to the document styles available at the https://copiesplus.nowdocs.com/ online order form. If you already have a NowDocs account, simply log in at https://copiesplus.nowdocs.com/Login.aspx?return_page=%2f

If you do not yet have a NowDocs account:

This is the text of the June 2013 FDU-fyi message regarding new ordering procedures for FDU business cards:

To: University Community

From: Art Petrosemolo and Copies Plus Staff

Re. University business cards

For the past seven years, we have partnered with a local firm - Business Cards Tomorrow (BCT) - to fill University business card orders. They are a fine company and we were able to turn cards around in a reasonable time at a competitive price. As you are aware, there is a web-based ordering system that you access to place your order and when it arrives at Copies Plus, we ship your order to you via campus mail.

In the past several months, the Copies Plus staff has been exploring ways for us to make the business card operation even more efficient, offering options for smaller orders and consequently making the price very, very competitive. We needed to purchase a piece of equipment to do the job, set up templates, test the system, etc. before announcing the new service.

We are happy to report we are now ready to accept business card orders. You will use the same access point from the University website. However, rather than be taken to the BCT website you will now go to the Copies Plus NowDocs site. (NowDocs is our web-based submission system that has been operating for the past several years).

If you already use NowDocs, sign in as usual, click on "business cards and letterhead" and follow the simple instructions. If you do not have a NowDocs account, follow the instructions to set one up.... If you are having difficulty, call Rich and Craig at the Metro office (x2454) or Rob at Florham (x8511) for help.

You will see that now you can order as few as 250 business cards, and prices for all order sizes are significantly lower. All work will be done at the Metro Copies Plus location, boxed and shipped via campus mail. Our goal is for you to have your cards within five business days (hopefully sooner) after your order.

Again, you are your own editor: The system will allow you to personalize what needs to be personalized and when NowDocs gives you a proof, we recommend you print it out and review before submitting -- that will be your last chance to proof the card you have created.

Also, for existing and new NowDocs account holders, we encourage you to use the system to submit work to the Metro or Florham Copies Plus locations through the system. NowDocs provides lots of options for you as well as chances to see your work to proof before printing and to know when it is finished and shipped.

Long term we, like most copy centers, are committed to on-line submission of work and NowDocs is the company we have partnered with to get the job done. Help us help you by using it whenever you can. Copies Plus staff is ready to help you with the NowDocs system when you have questions. Going forward, you MUST use NowDocs for University  business cards, letterhead and envelopes.

Thank you for your continued support.