Copies Plus 2015

Copies Plus: Your campus copy centers

Since 2006, FDU’s Metropolitan Campus and Florham Campus have had high end, electronic print-on-demand centers to handle imaging for students, faculty and staff. The University copy centers are located in the Giovatto Library on the Metropolitan Campus and in the Mansion (Hennessy Hall) at the Florham Campus.

Each center has a fulltime graphic designer to work with the University community on the most cost-effective way to design and produce a job for print. Experienced production staff helps turn the job around and back to the customer usually within a few days and, when needed, even faster.

Both copy center centers are equipped with high speed black and white (more than 100 copies per minute) electronic copiers as well as efficient color units. A variety of finishing equipment – on-site – allows Copies Plus staff to prepare booklets, folders, brochures and even books.

Copies Plus is the site where all University honors and thesis work is printed. And, in recent years, the copy centers have begin printing short-run, perfect bound books for faculty, students and staff.

Copy Center: Rob at Florham FULLWide format posters and presentation materials can be run at both locations and the wide format work can be pouch-laminated for a professional presentation. The centers find a way to get the community’s work done on-site or off at the most reasonable price … from post cards to stake signs, if it can be printed, the copy center can probably do it.

The Metropolitan Campus location is staffed by Rich Villanueva (copy center manager); Craig Cannon (copy center graphic designer and pre-press coordinator) and production workers Walter Corris and Frank Novak.  Frank Novac also works two days each week at the Florham Campus supporting Graphic Designer and site coordinator Rob Barker.

Copy Center customer service FULLJobs can be brought to the copy centers in person or submitted via e-mail and the web. The quickest and most effective way to submit a job is through NowDocs  (a web submission program). Rich, Craig or Rob can walk you through the process.

The centers handle University business cards and letterhead and you may access those online order forms from the navigation bar at left.

Metropolitan Campus,
phone 2454, fax 2471 

Craig Cannon
    Graphic Designer and Pre-Press

Rich Villanueva
    Customer Service and Production

Walter Corris
Mary Ann Smith
Frank Novack


Florham Campus,
phone 8511, fax 8510 

Rob Barker
    Graphic Designer and Production