Finding Jobs and Internships

Career Development at Fairleigh Dickinson University provides a job search website for students, alumni, and employers to utilize.

College Central

  • College CentralUpload resumes and cover letters for critiquing.
  • Search full time, part time, internship, and on-campus positions.
  • Access the Events Calendar which allows students to view and/or register for Career Development Center events.
  • Review your job search history.
  • Access the Career Advice Video Library.

For employers:

  • Post full time, part time, internship, and on-campus positions for free.
  • Approved employers may post jobs and search résumés.

To register, go to the CollegeCentral Login

  • Select the appropriate icon (student, alumni, or employer).
  • Create an Access ID and password.
  • Receive confirmation email to search for jobs.


  • Career Shift pulls search results from various different job search engines and compiles them into one resulCareer Shiftts list. (Indeed, Monster, company websites, etc.)
  • Sign up with your FDU e-mail here:
  • Search by job title, company name, keywords, or location.



Talk to FDU Alumni in your Major or Career Choice

Set up your profile and start connecting with Fairleigh Dickinson University alumni.

CD_ProConvos FULL

  • Network. Have a conversation -- between 30 minutes and an hour -- with an alum to find out about their job, organization and/or industry.
  • Find what it’s like to have his/her job, or to work at that particular organization, or in that industry. What kind of experience, educational background or even personality is likely to thrive in this job or in this organizational culture?
  • Learn firsthand what kind of skills are needed, what the benefits and the pitfalls of the job are, and to get some good advice regarding the best way to get started in the field.


Career Fair Tips

Career fairs are a great place to meet employers, but you need to do more than show up. Listed below are some tips that will help you impress employers:

  • Prepare. Review the employers on the Career Development website. Spend time getting some background on organizations that interest you, then you can ask focused questions. This impresses representatives because it shows a genuine interest in them.
  • Rest. Your company research should be complete so be sure to get a good night sleep the evening before the fair.
  • Professional dress is key. First impressions are very important.
  • Bring many copies of your resume. Bring enough resumes for the employers you intend to meet, plus twenty more. Make certain there are no errors and use resume paper (24 lb).
  • Allow yourself adequate time. Arrive at the fair at the designated time or within 30 minutes after the start time. Fairs close promptly and you don’t want to miss any opportunities.
  • Prioritize employers. You may have little time to speak to employers because many other students may be interested in the same employers, so budget your time wisely.
  • Have a game plan. Take a few minutes when you arrive to review the location directory of employers. You can locate the employers you're most interested in and see if any lines are building up, you may want to start there.
  • Explore other options. There may be employers who were added at the last minute explore those tables as well. When you have seen all of the companies you set out to meet, visit the other tables. There may be hidden opportunities. This is also a great networking tool!
  • Introductions. Offer the recruiter a firm handshake and introduce yourself. Be ready to have a 30 second introduction ready about what you are interested in and what you have to offer. Hand your resume to the recruiter. It is also a nice gesture to welcome and thank the representative for coming to FDU.
  • Collect business cards. This serves two purposes: First you can take brief notes on the back of each card (ex.: things you want to remember about the company or the representative). Second, you will need the correct information to send a thank you note that acknowledges your appreciation of the employer visiting our campus and providing opportunities to you.
  • Respect employers' product samples. Some employers bring product samples for students to take. This is not intended to be a shopping spree, take one and thank the employer for the gift. Always check with employers before taking materials from their tables.
  • Mind your Manners. Not only are you representing yourself, you also represent the University. The organizations at the fair are there because of their interest in FDU students. Some representatives may even be alumni. Be courteous to your fellow students waiting to speak with employers by keeping your introduction and questions brief and also respecting the employers’ limits.
  • Be positive. Smile! The time spent with employers is a great learning and networking experience, enjoy it.