International Management students visit UN Headquarters

A group of FDU's International Management students visited the UN Headquarters in New York City on April 20, 2010.

FDU Intenational Management students with
Prof. Karin Hamilton (2nd in back row from left)

The trip consisted of a tour, lunch at the delegates dining room and a briefing about globalization. The students were accompanied Professor Karin Hamilton and President Adams who had lunch with them.


Student impressions from the trip

Jill Yoffe, International Management Student

"The United Nations trip was a great experience. I enjoyed getting to see where the general assembly meets while also getting to see a meeting of Indigenous Issues in process. Given that there are six different translators for the six languages spoken in the UN, it is interesting to see how it all works and stays organized. I loved getting to see where the Security Council holds their meetings as well; how they sit and shift seats for every meeting seems like a great idea. The eight goals of the United Nations were explained on the tour and were really wonderful to see how much they do to help other countries in need. For instance they send these boxes that are schools in a box for primary schools that are damaged in natural disasters like the earthquake in Haiti where so many primary schools were destroyed; this way they can continue to educate kids anywhere. The gifts that countries give to the UN are really nice to see too; the tapestry given to them by Belgium was beautiful and really big. There was a briefing that we got to sit in on that was about globalization; the information that was talked about was very interesting and I learned a little from it. This trip was very educational but also a great time with everything that I was able to see and do while at the UN."
Evan Shorter, International Management Student

"For the first time today, I experienced a real look inside the United Nations building in New York City. The first thing that captured my attention was the hundred and ninety-two flags lined up in the building. The brief tour of the UN was highly informative, considering its duration, and the myriad of facts that I learned I will take with me well after the tour was over."
Steven Gonzales, International Management Student

"On April 20, 2010 my International Management class took a trip to the United Nations. The UN was a great experience because it was the first time I have been. We toured the United Nations with our personal tour guide who talked about various topics about the UN. The best part about the trip was walking through the General Assembly because so many important meetings and decision take place there. After the tour we had a chance to eat in the main dining hall was an array of foods from escargot to chicken. The food was excellent and very filling. After eating we had a short briefing on globalization and the 8 millennium goals. This was a good opportunity to take notes because my group presentation was about the UN and the 8 millennium goals. The briefing was very informative and also one of interest. The trip to the United Nations was a great success and one experience I will never forget."
Shontae Taylor, International Management Student

"The United Nations represents our world. It teaches the world that everybody is a valuable member that fundamentally makes an impact on society as a whole. The trip to the United Nations is educational because it is enlightening and goes beyond borders and realms of any country. The United Nations defines the word “globalization”. The United Nations represents the people of the world working towards one common goal; which is to provide a quality and better life for every individual of the world. The best experience of the trip was viewing the United Nations Generally Assembly meeting with the indigenous people. The meetings represent a collective group of people from various tribes and nations, trying to find better solutions to aid problems such as humanitarian rights. Visiting the United Nations is an amazing experience and I would defiantly recommend it to anybody seeking to learn about the world."
Shaun Griifin, International Management Student

"Learned firsthand about the poverty and disease in the world. Also I got to know the feeling of being in a place where countries of the entire world meet and make decisions for peace on earth.I was albe to mix pleasure and knowledge by being with classmates and having fun while gaining much knowledge.Eating in a place that dignitaries go to was second to none. Lastly feeling good about being able to live in a country where one can go to diffeent places freely and not have any repurcussions was a great feeling."


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