Request a GVF

FDU faculty are encouraged to include GVF in their courses and are invited to discuss interests and questions they might have with representatives from the Office of Global Learning. New and innovative approaches to working with GVF are supported.

Contact the Office of Global Learning if we can assist in the planning and delivery of GVF participation. Remember to take advantage of training opportunities through the Office of Educational Technology.

FDU faculty interested in requesting placement of a GVF member should be mindful of the priority consideration period for each semester.

  • In general, the GVF Placement Request forms should be submitted during this time frame:

May 1 – 31 for the fall semester and
November 15December 15 for the Spring Semester.

Faculty who are unable to submit requests during the priority consideration period, but who still wish to receive a GVF placement, should submit the request to the Office of Global Learning. These requests will be considered if available placements remain. Please feel free to contact the Office of Global Learning with any questions on this policy.

The Office of Global Learning hopes to fulfill as many requests as possible. All GVF placement requests will be given the utmost consideration, but because of the limited number of available GVF placements and the desire to equitably distribute GVF placements over all colleges and programs, not all requests can be guaranteed.

The GVF Placement Request form is available for print out. Please complete the form and submit it to your School Director or Department chair for approval, then forward to the Office of Global Learning by fax or mail drop as indicated on the form.



Global Virtual Faculty Placement Request Form [PDF]



If you have any questions or need more information on the Global Virtual Faculty Program, please feel free to email Diana Cvitan at or you can reach her at (201) 692-7161.