Nominating a GVF

Global Virtual Faculty are nominated by a member of the FDU faculty and/or by another Global Virtual Faculty member.

If you would like to nominate a colleague, please fill out the ONLINE NOMINATION FORM and you and your colleague will receive a receipt of your nomination.

Please keep in mind the Program's goals when nominating a GVF member. GVF members should be able to bring to our students an array of experiences and unique of global perspectives honed from life in their part of the world and/or culture.


GVF appointment process


  1. Each nominee must complete an application form (link sent via the email reciept) and provide a current CV.
  2. The nominee should meet the following expectations:
    • Demonstrated intellectual expertise and/or practical experience in a specific field,
    • Ability to present a unique global perspective, by virtue of the individual's physical location outside the US, or their significant and long-term experience raised or immersed in a culture and/or environment outside the US mainstream
    • Ability to adapt to the course curriculum and Internet delivery modality,
    • Adequate English proficiency,
    • Access to appropriate hardware and software applications that allow consistent and effective web-based participation.
  3. Additionally, each individual must agree to abide by the policies and procedures Fairleigh Dickinson University sets up for this program.
  4. GVF appointments will be made after review and approval of the nomination by the Associate Provost for Global Learning and the relevant academic dean. Once approved, the GVF member will receive more detailed program information as well as technical  resource materials.

Specific opportunities for participation will be discussed with each nominee. Assignment of a GVF to a particular instructor/course will only be made by the request and with the consent of that course instructor.


If you have any questions or need more information on the Global Virtual Faculty Program, please feel free to email Diana Cvitan at or you can reach her at (201) 692-7161.