About the program

The Global Virtual Faculty™ (GVF) program, brings academics and practitioners from around the world into the classroom through online participation. The GVF Program has received a number of awards including special recognition from the American Council of Education and AT&T for its use of technology as a tool for internanalyzing the curriculum and in grants from the US Department of Education and the state of New Jersey.

  • Program Goals
  • Levels of Participation (Part/Full Semester/Short Term)
  • Training, Preparation and Evaluation
  • Compensation


Program Goals


The primary role of a GVF member is to bring a global dimension to the learning experience by offering different perspectives and observations to students on the issues under study.For example, GVF may be involved through participating in a threaded discussion on a course topic, presenting relevant narrative material or case studies or directing students to useful web sites within the GVF member’s area of expertise.

All courses engaging GVF are taught in collaboration with Fairleigh Dickinson University faculty members. Each GVF member is assigned a campus-based partner, who shapes and designs his or her participation. The campus-based faculty member is responsible for the syllabus, primary material, assignments, and evaluation. All communication and participation is web-based, with the Global Virtual Faculty member remaining in his or her home environment.


Levels of Participation



There are three levels of involvement for the GVF:

  • Part Semester involvement

This includes participation in a course for a period of three to six weeks. Global Virtual Faculty members who participate in discussions on specific topics within a particular course, rather than throughout the semester, engage in this level of involvement.

In cases where those topics are not in consecutive order, the participation does not exceed a total of six weeks per semester. The average amount of time spent on-line is one-two hrs/week for those weeks of participation.

  • Full Semester involvement

This includes consistent participation in a course for a period of between seven and thirteen weeks throughout the semester. The average amount of time spent on-line is one-two hrs/week.

The nature of the participation for Part or Full Semester is mutually agreed upon by the FDU faculty member and the participating GVF member.

  • Short Term involvement

This includes consistent participation in a course for a short period of time.


Training, Preparation and Evaluation


The Office of Global Learning provides materials and resources to prepare GVF to participate in on-line courses. FDU faculty partners will advise the GVF of the pedagogies and methods used in a particular course. Whenever possible, the GVF member collaborates with the FDU faculty partner in the planning and delivery of the on-line course components. Participation by all GVF will be coordinated through the Office of Global Learning in collaboration with the relevant academic department/school. GVF members' participation will be evaluated by the FDU faculty partner and continuation as a GVF is contingent upon achieving consistently strong evaluations. GVF members will also be asked to provide feedback on their participation and work with the FDU faculty partner.




Global Virtual Faculty members receive an honorarium of $500 US for each course in which they complete a Part Semester assignment, $1000 US for each course in which they complete a Full Semester assignment or $250 US for each course in which they complete a Short Term assignment.

Click here to download the GVF Program Manual 2007 [PDF]







If you have any questions or need more information on the Global Virtual Faculty Program, please feel free to email Diana Cvitan at dcvitan@fdu.edu or you can reach her at (201) 692-7161.