Global Issues Gateway

Developed by Fairleigh Dickinson University, the Global Issues Gateway, GIG ( is an educational website that serves as a gateway between the university community and the world and acts as a major resource in preparing world citizens. Its objective is to increase Global awareness and illuminate the various impacts of globalization. The site allows for participation by a large group of interested faculty members, visiting global scholars, and various student groups. GIG is a democratic and exciting website used both by the FDU community and external visitors to the site. Please note that the site has quite recently been revamped and is in a beta phase of its launch.

Explore the Global Issues Gateway and immerse yourself in the issues that are shaping today's world--and the world citizens of tomorrow.

Some of the features on the new website include:

  • Exploring Globalization: A peer-reviewed academic online journal with essays, book reviews, pedagogy, and interactive forums.

  • Global Events: An ongoing archive of FDU's global events, with interactive streaming multimedia.

  • Global Virtual Classroom: A unique tools that allows to bring two classrooms in a virtual online space

  • GIG Communities: Coming soon! GIG Communities - This section will feature FDU global experiences, some by students abroad.

  • Global Gateway: Coming soon! This section will present resources & links collected from the world wide web, and a searchable archive of past articles.

If you are interested in being part of this project or would like to learn more about the site, please feel free to email Sarah Horn at .