Florham Scholars and Global Scholars

Global Scholars

First introduced in the 2002-2003 academic year, the Global Scholars program brings together a diverse group of students for academic, residential and co-curricular activities with global themes. While the Global Scholars are housed on our Metropolitan campus, one of the annual highlights of the program is an international trip to such destinations as South Africa and Costa Rica.

The goal of the Global Scholars program is to provide an opportunity for students to engage in a creative and enjoyable learning atmosphere that will help prepare them to become global leaders and will give them the tools to change lives and make a difference.

For information on the Global Scholars program on the Metropolitan Campus, contact Sam Raphalides, Professor of Political Science and History, at samuel_j_raphalides@fdu.edu

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Florham Scholars

Introduced in the 2003-2004 academic year, the Florham Scholars program based at the College at Florham offers its own innovative global living and learning experience. This initiative is designed for residential freshmen with a strong interest in global affairs. Florham Scholars are enrolled in the Florham Seminar in International Relations, live together in a specially reserved residence hall and participate in special events such as briefings at the United Nations, field trips and social activities.

During the winter break, scholars also have an opportunity to visit Wroxton College in England. Finally, during the spring semester, these students enroll in a special section of The Global Challenge, the online Core course that presents current world issues and different cultural perspectives.

For information on the Florham Scholars program at the College at Florham, contact David M. Rosen at rosen@fdu.edu.