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I have completed more than half of my semester here at FDU-Vancouver, and I can truly say that this is the most unique schooling experience that I have ever had. With students from just about every country
of the world studying here, my perspective on both life and a way of living has changed. Here at FDU-Vancouver you learn more than what is taught just inside the classroom. As a student, you are able to expand your knowledge on the world around you without leaving the city of Vancouver.


The Experience


With students from just about every other country in the world and students from the United States being in the minority, there is a cultural diversity that cannot be matched by our sister campuses in New Jersey. This variance in cultures brings a unique concept to the classroom that helps broaden ones’ knowledge and perspective through the experiences and viewpoints each student comes to Vancouver with. Sharing our point-of-views and concepts with one another is not part of the school curriculum, but has become as much part of the learning process as each of the classes that we attend. With recent news about Gadhafi, it was a great pleasure to hear firsthand from students of Libya their experiences under the rule of such a ruthless dictator. Getting to learn about other cultures and societies in the world has become one of my favorite parts about the campus in Vancouver. I am now able to say “hello” in seven different languages, and have even refined my Spanish due to the high population of students from El Salvador.

With all of the students in similar situations there is a unique sense of family and unity created here at FDU-Vancouver. I have never met such a lively and joyful group of individuals while attending school. At first this was quite a shock to me, but it has now become the norm and I couldn’t be happier. With a small campus, relations with professors and administration become benevolent. I talk with the Director of Student Services and Provost of the University on a daily basis, discussing general ideas on how to improve the campus and never without asking each other how things are going and if we are enjoying our days. Studying here at FDU-Vancouver I feel as if anything is achievable and there is always someone there to hear you out.

The opportunities are endless here, such as meeting CEO George Moen of Blendz Coffee, Dr. Aleida Guevara daughter of revolutionary leader Che Guevara, and University Provost Christopher Capuano. Each of these acquaintances has helped me in expanding my learning as well as making connections for the future. At this point in the semester it is time to sign up for classes in the spring, and with my time running short in Vancouver, I have decided to prolong my stay for I would only be cheating myself of opportunity and knowledge by leaving such a unique and culturally rich environment that has been created at Fairleigh Dickinson Vancouver.



Ryan Barth-Dwyer

Experience of Study abroad in Vancouver