PEA School of Record

Summer Study in China with FDU

In 2018, Fairleigh Dickinson University (FDU) will cooperate with PEA International Summer School to offer four-week summer sessions in Hangzhou, China from July 2 to July 27. FDU ensures that all courses offered during the 2018 PEA summer program are US accredited courses with US university codes. These summer sessions offer a wide variety of courses, covering majors in economics, business, social science, humanities, etc. All courses are taught by prominent faculty meeting the same standards as our on-campus programs. This program also offers students opportunities to meet classmates who share common interests, as well as different perspectives from all around the world.


The following courses have been scheduled for the 2018 FDU/PEA summer program. Availability of courses will depend upon there being sufficient enrollment.

ACCT 2021
Intro Financial Accounting
ACCT 2022
Intro Managerial Accounting
ANTH 1202
Cultural Anthropology
ART 2238
The Global Art World
ARTH 1205
Art History: Prehistoric-Medieval
ARTH 1206
Art History: Renaissance-Today
DSCI 2029
Introduction to Statistics
DSCI 3152
Operations Management
ECON 2001
Intro to Microeconomics
ECON 2102
Intro to Macroeconomics
ECON 2207
Introduction to Econometrics
ECON 3203
Intermediate Macroeconomics
ECON 3203
Intermediate Macroeconomics
ECON 4204
Intermediate Microeconomics
ECON 4204
Intermediate Microeconomics
ECON 4208
International Trade
ECON 4305
Money and Banking
ENGL 2202
Masterpieces of World Literature II
ENGL 2207
Oral and Written Report
ENWR 1002
Academic Research and Writing
FIN 3250
Principles of Financial Analysis
HIST 1114
U.S. History to 1865
HIST 1115
U.S. History Since 1865
HIST 1214
World History to 1500
HUMN 2205
World Food & Culture
HUMN 3218
Current Ethical Issues
LAW 2276
Business and the Law
MATH 1201
Calculus I
MATH 2202
Calculus II
MATH 2203
Calculus III
MATH 2337
Applied Statistics
MATH 3220
Linear Algebra
MGMT 2600
Organization Behavior
MKTG 2120
Principles of Marketing
MKTG 4272
Consumer Behavior
PHIL 1102
Intro to Philosophy
PSYC 1103
General Psychology
SOCI 1101
Introductory Sociology
SPCH 1155
Public Speaking
SUST 1001
Environmental Science


If you have any questions concerning the summer program, and FDU’s cooperation with PEA, please contact the FDU Office of Study Abroad at or (973) 443-8086.

The PEA School of Record Commitment Letter is available for download.