Guide for Students

Characteristics of Study Abroad

While looking into a study abroad program, it’s important to remember that there are a variety of options to chose from. Often students have a negative, knee-jerk reaction to study abroad, believing that they can’t afford it or that it won’t fit into their academic curriculum and would delay their graduation. A bit of research into your options would reveal that study abroad comes in a wide variety of lengths, academic disciplines and that in many cases it’s surprisingly affordable. The length of time you would like to spend abroad, the country/countries that you wish to visit, the subject you wish to study and your financial limits are all important considerations. Finding the right fit for your academic and personal study abroad expectations involves some planning. The University believes that all of its students should have the opportunity to study abroad and we’re here to help you meet this goal.


Where do you want to go?


Often students have the desire to study abroad but are not sure where they would like to go or what kinds of opportunities are available to them. This website has a variety of options including Fairleigh Dickinson’s campus in England, Wroxton College, partnerships with institutions abroad and a number of faculty run programs that are available to all university students. As the University’s Study Abroad Office grows more programs will be added but you shouldn’t feel limited to just these. If you know of an existing program or have a country in mind that you don’t see listed we’ll help you explore the many possibilities that are out there.


What would you like to study?


We believe that any time spent studying abroad should be an integral part of your academic curriculum and in no way delay your graduation. Study abroad should fit into and compliment your current course of study. If you have decided on a program abroad that’s run through Fairleigh Dickinson a meeting with you academic advisor is needed to see if the courses work with your academic checksheet. If it’s a program through an institution other than Fairleigh Dickinson you must meet with your academic dean or department head to check on accreditation of the program and to have your courses approved.


How long would you like to spend abroad?


The length of time that you chose to spend abroad depends on your economic resources and academic time. Program lengths range from short experiences lasting a week or two (these usually have an academic component that is done immediately before or after the time spent abroad) all the way up to a whole year abroad. We understand that cost is very important but there are a variety of programs available that make study abroad economically possible for almost every student. Before dismissing an experience abroad for financial reasons investigate what’s out there that fits your budget and academic schedule. You might also qualify for study abroad scholarships and financial aid. We can help you.