NGO Pathways

Partnering with NGO entities at the UN and with large and small NGOs working to address challenges to peace, human rights, and poverty, the NGO Pathways Program exists to create learning, service, and professional opportunities for Fairleigh Dickinson University students within the vibrant international non-governmental sector. Without the tireless effort of the international non-governmental sector, and their partnership with governmental and intergovernmental organizations, resolution of major world problems would remain even more elusive.

The NGO Pathways Program functions in conjunction with the UN Pathways Program within the Office of Global Learning at Fairleigh Dickinson University. The University was among the very first institutions of higher learning to be awarded NGO status with the United Nations Department of Public Information, providing the University with opportunities to network and collaborate with other NGOs and with UN departments.

By creating opportunities for observation, experience and service, the NGO Pathways Program aims to:

  • increase student awareness and understanding of the significant role assumed by NGOs in addressing many of the world's most difficult issues at the grassroots level;

  • offer exposure at the UN and within NGO settings to students to observe and experience NGOs in action;

  • provide hands-on opportunities for student involvement in problem-solving with issues such as poverty, hunger, health, education, disaster relief, global peace and disarmament.

FDU partnerships with NGOs and NGO committees enable our global-citizens-in-training to interact, experience and serve with communities in the field and their representatives in NGO leadership positions.

Importantly, the NGO Pathways Program enables students and faculty to experience the unbroken connections between a remote tropical village population in India or Africa and the residents of an international metropolis like New York or London. In doing so, the NGO Pathways program maximizes opportunities for students to discover and internalize true meaning of global citizenship. As they pass through the gates of FDU to explore the world as workers, teachers, corporate executives, government officials, or even as representatives of non-governmental organizations, they will understand that all humans are inextricably connected within the entire human family and must be concerned about the safety and well being of each other.


For further information, contact:

Office of Global Learning
Phone: 201-692-7362