Education without Borders 2011

A delegation of Fairleigh Dickinson University students from all three campuses (College at Florham, Metropolitan Campus, and Vancouver Campus) joined more than 1000 fellow youth from 130 different countries at the Sixth Education Without Borders conference. Hosted by the Higher Colleges of Technology in Dubai and Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates) from 28th-31st March 2011, Education Without Borders 2011 featured lectures and workshops from leaders in the worlds of business, technology, education and humanitarian affairs, as well as papers presented by the youth themselves.

Themes of the conference included education (enhancing access, ensuring student success); economics (harnessing entrepreneurship for positive impact); science (engineering and technology as solutions for a better future); new media (enabling and educating emerging leaders); and policy (innovating new frameworks for sustainable development). Michael Adams, President of Fairleigh Dickinson University, and Jason Scorza, Vice Provost for International Education, were among dozens of mentors from academia, business, government, sports, science, culture, and media, who interacted with youth from around the world during this unique event.


FDU's Delegation to the Conference:


Luis Cerón:

From March 27th to April 1st, I had the opportunity to attend the 6th biennial Education Without Borders Conference that was held in the city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. I fulfilled one of my dreams of going to the Middle East to learn more about the Arabic culture. I also had the opportunity to meet so many bright minds from all over the world. The UAE was without a doubt the perfect place to gather young innovative students from 131 different nationalities along with leaders from different sectors such as business, technology, education and humanitarian sector. All of these students share the same passion as me; we were all gathered to find solutions to solve some of the world's greatest challenges.

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Thomas J. Magg:

The 6th Biennial Education Without Borders Conference was an eye-opening experience to me. The five members of the Fairleigh Dickinson delegation (Luis Ceron, Ira Saini, Devin Seelman, Thy Truong, and myself) met a large amount of people and enjoyed interviewing some of the brightest students around the world. The conversations I had with the participants and leaders of the Education Without Borders Conference provides a glimpse into perspectives off different cultures and ideas that ensures that Education Without Borders is not only a great opportunity for its participants, but rather necessary for an ever changing world such as ours.

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Ira Saini:

Education without borders was the first International conference I ever attended. I was very excited to attend it way before I had even begun packing for Dubai. And it seemed like I was not the only one who was extremely enthusiastic to get inspired. The 150 followers of the 'EWB is going to be legendary' on Facebook told a similar story of student leaders getting ready to share their ideas and display their skills in working to improve the world. As big as the task might sound, we all believed we could do it; I believed I could do it, and being a part of this conference has just strengthened this belief.

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Devin Seelman:

From March 26th to the 31st I was fortunate enough to represent Fairleigh Dickinson University and the Office of Global Learning at the 2011 Education without Borders Conference in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I was one of five Fairleigh Dickinson students and one of over seven hundred international students at the conference. The Education without Borders Conference was definitely the most informative, motivating and extraordinary event I have ever attended. From the world class speakers to the incredible performances, the conference curriculum was as diverse as the students who attended. Sheikh Nahayan Bin Mubarak Al Nahayan, the head of education, explained it best when he said "don't worry about the future, create it", advising students from around the world to come together to share ideas and take action to attempt to solve the world's problems.

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Thy Truong:

EWB 2011 opens up opportunities for students to discuss with speakers who have relevant knowledge and involvement in providing innovative solutions for global challenges. I would like to thank the Global Scholars Program of Fairleigh Dickinson University for giving me this opportunity. I have involved myself in a variety of discussions and expanded my understanding in different fields relating to education. EWB 2011 is an unforgettable experience and I am glad I was there. EWB 2011 is successful because of the meticulous preparation of the organisers. The coordinators, Higher College of Technology, provide us with the best facility and living conditions, but the hospitality of Emirati students and people make us feel like we are at home.

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6th Biennial Education without Borders (EWB) 2011

EWB is a biennial international student conference that creates networks across cultures in order to understand, and generate solutions, for some of the world's greatest challenges.


Reports from FDU's delegation to the conference:

Luis Cerón, Sophomore, Majoring in Business Administration, Fairleigh Dickinson University

Thomas J. Magg, Film Major, Fairleigh Dickinson University

Ira SainiFairleigh Dickinson University

Devin Seelman, Fairleigh Dickinson University

Thy Truong, Fairleigh Dickinson University

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