About Us

Fairleigh Dickinson University opened its doors at the start of World War II with an innovative and ambitious goal: to provide its students with an education "of and for the world." Today, our University considers its founding mission more relevant and urgent than ever before. Our recently reaffirmed mission, simply stated, is to be "a center of academic excellence dedicated to the preparation of world citizens through global education."

A global education is much more than having international campuses or exchange programs. It is also a curriculum that ensures that all of our students will be able to succeed in a world marked by interdependence, diversity and rapid change. A global education is one that provides knowledge and understanding of culture, language, geography and global perspectives. A global education trains students to rapidly access and evaluate a wealth of international information resources. Most importantly, a global education is one that enables students to understand the world through the eyes of others and teaches them how their actions can affect, and be affected by people throughout the world.

  • United Nations NGO Status. In 2002, FDU became one of only three universities in the United States to be awarded NGO status with the United Nations Department of Public Information, providing the University with special access to UN internships, and other programming. In 2009, FDU was awarded by ECOSOC NGO Special Consultative Status, the first entire university in the world to achieve that designation. This means that FDU functions as a fully accredited NGO at the United Nations with expanded access to UN entities, conferences and member nations.
  • Global Virtual Faculty (GVF) Program. The University's nationally recognized GVF program consists of a cadre of distinguished world scholars and practitioners who serve as Global Virtual Faculty members in partnership with the on-campus faculty in teaching of our on-line courses.
  • United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI) . FDU was the first university in the world to partner with the United Nations to establish the Academic Impact program. The program now enlists the efforts of more than 1,000 universities around the world on behalf of issues on the UN agenda.
  • Global Enterprise Network (GEN) . GEN provides resources pertaining to international trade for businesses in the NY/NJ metropolitan region through a series of breakfast seminars and other programs.
  • United Nations Pathways Program. FDU has been associated with the United Nations since its inception in 1945, resulting in a recent partnership with the Ambassador's Club and our UN Pathways Program, which presents and disseminates a lecture and videoconference series. Thousands of students have participated in the program, interacting with hundreds of UN diplomats and senior officials.
  • Global Young Voices (GYV). FDU is proud to support Global Young Voices, an web-based media project and international news website developed by a diverse team of accomplished millennials, among them numerous FDU students and alumni.
  • Study Abroad Opportunities. FDU has significantly expanded its study abroad options to include numerous faculty-led short courses and opportunities to study at international partner institutions. Recent destinations have included China, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Switzerland, the UK, Japan, and Peru.
  • American Council on Education Internationalization Cooperative Membership. In 2002, FDU became a founding member of the Internationalization Assessment Laboratory of The American Council on Education (ACE). The ACE Laboratory Team was formed in 2003, followed, in 2004, by the Internationalization Strategic Planning Group and the Global Education Coordinating Team.