Shelter in Place

Department of Public Safety would like to make the Florham Campus community familiar with terms that may be used during an emergency involving an active shooter incident. You may be instructed to “SHELTER IN PLACE.”

Shelter in Place means to stay where you are; stop classes, working, shut down business operations; unless there is danger in your immediate area. Do not leave the building to go outside. Find a small location within the interior room or a nearby room, if possible and lock all doors.   Try to find a location with few or no windows and take refuge there until you receive further instructions from University official or law enforcement. Do not attempt to seal off the entire building, stay where you are!

How to Shelter-n-Place:

Active Shooter is outside:

  • Whatever you are doing….stop and listen…..When you hear “Shelter-n-Place” immediately look for a safe place where you are.
  • Do not go outside the building.
  • Lock doors and windows.
  • Barricade the door.
  • Turn off lights.
  • Silent cell phones.
  • Close blinds.
  • You should text your emergency contact and let them know where you are.
  • Stay out of sight, away from windows and doors.
  • If you are not alone, have one person call Department of Public Safety (973-443-8888) or 911 (give location, number of people, and phone number).
  • Wait for further instructions from University Official or law enforcement.

Active Shooter In the same building as you:

  • If you cannot speak leave your phone line open, if possible
  • Seek cover behind desk, cabinet, closet
  • Call 911, if possible
  • Attempt to negotiate with the shooter
  • Only as a last resort, attempt to overpower the shooter with force.
  • Do not panic!!