Clowney Gardens

Clowney Gardens FULL

(text exerpted from Friends of Florham newsletter)

On June 4, l995, the restored Mansion Gardens were dedicated to the memory of the late William D. Clowney, a member of the Friends board and a trustee of the University. The dedication marked the first stage of the Friends’ long-term garden restoration program. “The Friends of Florham were a special interest for Bill,” Mrs. Mary Clowney recently remarked. “How the restored gardens would please him.” 

Committee member Ann Granbery, A.S.L.A., was instrumental in the design and research for the restoration. She worked with Ted Ambrosiano, Grounds and Custodial Supervisor of FDU, to implement the project. Today, the garden has been restored to its original state. Gravel paths leading to and surrounding the lower octagonal garden have been replaced, and mature yews and mugho pines once again frame the fountain.