Florham Campus Schedule Planning Guides

Schedule Planning Guides are for first time, first year students at Florham Campus and are not intended for transfer students.

Submit your guide before May 15.

You will receive your fall course schedule during orientation. In order for an academic advisor to create the right schedule for you, it is vital that you fill out a Schedule Planning Guide as soon as possible.

The Schedule Planning Guides were developed to assist your advisor in identifying your areas of interest, time limitations, transfer credits, and/or athletic schedules. Please read the helpful hints below before navigating to your Guide.

Schedule Planning Guide Tips and Hints

  1. Select the guide which correlates to your anticipated major.
  2. Fill out all relevant fields. Remember — the more information you provide, the more personalized your schedule will be.
  3. Submit your guide before May 15. Academic Advising is only able to guarantee to have your schedule at orientation if you submit by May 15.
  4. If you plan on changing your major, contact your current major's advising office. The advising offices will help you with any major changes or questions.
  5. After you receive your schedule at orientation, changes can be made in person beginning the first Monday in August.

Advising Offices

If you have any questions or concerns about the scheduling guide, please contact your major's advising office.

  • Arts and Sciences, 973-443-8753
  • Freshman Intensive Studies (FIS), 973-443-8715
  • Health Studies, 973-443-8237
  • Nursing, 973-443-8237
  • Business, 973-443-8800
  • Hotel and Restaurant Management, 973-443-8271
  • Sports Administration, 973-443-8971