Meet Your Orientation Team

Orientation Coordinators

  • Tim B., Psychology Major, Sociology Minor   OL Tim
  • Kate-Leigh L, Humanities QUEST Major   OL Kate-Leigh

Orientation Leaders

  • Kevin B., Marketing Major  OL Kevin
  • Christopher F., Accounting Major OL Chris
  • Ben H., Theater Arts  OL Ben
  • Imanie J., Communication Major OL Imanie
  • Elizabeth K., Theater Studies OL E King
  • Nolan K., Creative Writing Major OL Nolan
  • William L., Business MajorOL Will
  • Samantha L., Theater Arts
  • Jenna M., World Literature QUEST Major Jenna Miller
  • James M., Biology Chemistry Major  OL James
  • Margaly M., Sociology Major British Studies Minor  OL Margaly
  • Marialaina N., Behavioral Neuroscience   Marialana
  • Dom R., Biology   OL Dom
  • Pamela R., History  OL Pamala
  • Amanda S., History Major, Computer Science minor  OL Amanda
  • Jenna S., Communications Major OL Jenna S.
  • Naetrell T., Accounting Major OL Nate
  • Taylor V., Psychology Major OL Pamala
  • Kevin W., Computer Science Major OL Kevin W
  • Elizabeth W., Human Resources Major OL Elizabeth









FDU Orientations

Florham Campus, Traditional First Year Student 

For information about orientation sessions at the Florham Campus, please call the Office of Campus Life at 973-443-8582.

Education Opportunity Fund (EOF Program)

First-year students who are participating in the EOF Program are required to attend a month-long pre-college residency program. For more information please contact the EOF Office at 973-443-8566.

International Students

For information about international student orientation sessions, please see International Student Services pages.

Metropolitan Campus Freshmen

Looking for orientation information for the Teaneck and Hackensack campus? Visit FDU Metropolitan Campus New Student Orientation or call Dean of Students office at (201)-692-2190.