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Involve.  Ignite.  Inspire.


The Office of Campus Life was instituted to provide the students and community members of Fairleigh Dickinson University Florham Campus with co-curricular and developmental programming, activities, and opportunities to promote the achievement of their greatest potential.  Students who involve themselves in their college experience, whether by attending office-sponsored activities or participating in student organizations, understand the skills and personality attributes that can be highly influential in their lives and earned both in and outside the classroom.  

Our mission is committed providing students with varied and exciting opportinities to be involved in, as being involved will ignite a new interest or energy towards an area of their growth.  As students progress through their years at FDU Florham, the Office of Campus Life works with student leaders to help them achieve their personal, organizational, and community goals.  Our Mission relies on our professional ability to inspire students to become involved in their campus community.  It becomes a cycle when our student leaders begin to inspire others to become just as involved, and ignite new ideas for themselves and the FDU community.

Office of Campus Life

Florham Campus
Student Center
285 Madison Ave, M-SCO-02
Madison, NJ 07940
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