Meal Plan

Students living on campus are required to have a meal plan.  All residents (except for Park Avenue residents) are assigned Meal Plan A by default.  Only Park Avenue residents are assigned Meal Plan D by default.  For pricing on meal plans please click here.  

Meal Plans:

Meal Plan A: Unlimited meals $100 Flex 

Meal Plan B: Unlimited meals and $200 Flex

Meal Plan C: Unlimited meals $200 Flex, and $100 Fairleigh 1 Card cash 

Meal Plan D: 8 meals per week and $200 Flex (only available to Park Avenue residents)

Meal Plan E: 175 meals per semester (1 per weekday Monday-Friday), $150 Flex, and $100 Fairleigh 1-Card Cash *First-year students are not able to request meal plan E*

Flex dollars are accepted at the dining hall as well as other on-campus dining locations


Fairleigh 1-Card Cash

Students may also add additional finds for dining using 1-Card Cash.  Accepted at all on-campus dining locations, 1-Card Cash is also accepted at the bookstore, vending machines, and select off-campus merchants.  For a complete list of accepting location, to add value, and for more information, please visit:


Changing Your Meal Plan

If you would like to change your meal plan then please email with your request.

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