Reporting Students of Concern

College students often encounter a great deal of stress, (e.g. academic, social, family, work, and financial.)  While most students cope successfully with the demands of life, sometimes these pressures become overwhelming and unmanageable. Students might feel alone, isolated, helpless, and even hopeless. These feelings can easily disrupt academic performance and can result in harmful behaviors, including substance abuse and suicide attempts.

Faculty and staff members are in a unique position to identify and help students who are, or appear to be, in distress. This can be particularly true for students who can't or won't turn to family or friends for help. Any faculty or staff member who is perceived by students as caring and trustworthy can be a potential resource in times of trouble. Your expression of interest and concern might be a critical factor in helping struggling students re-establish emotional equilibrium, thus saving their academic careers or possibly their lives.

How to refer a student?

There are multiple ways to report students of concern. At any point, you can refer/report a student to our CARE team either by email to or by calling 973-443-8935.  However, in order to ensure the best response we recommend the following:

1.      If you feel that you or the student are in immediate danger, or need immediate medical assistance, please call the Public Safety office at 973-443-8888.

2.     For all other concerns such as behavior, health, wellness, general concern for a student or a classroom related issues (missed classes, not doing work, etc…) please use the following report:

This report is received by multiple people and it can be acted upon immediately.

For any questions or concerns, please contact the Dean of Students Office at 973-443-8935.