Florham Campus Career Development

How can we help?

Career Counseling

  • Individual counseling appointments
  • Resume and cover letter critiques
  • Class presentations and seminars
  • Services for students and alumni

Job and Internship Search


  • Mock interviews
  • Interview tips and techniques


  • Myers–Briggs Type Indicator, Strong Interest Inventory®, and more


  • On-campus recruiting
  • Career fairs and other events

These services are available for Fairleigh Dickinson University, Florham Campus students and alumni.

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Contact Information

285 Madison Avenue, M-SC1-01
Madison, NJ 07940
Student Center, 1st Floor
(p) 973-443-8945
(f) 973-443-8942
Monday - Friday, 9:00 - 5:00pm

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Our Staff

Donna Jackson-Robertson
University Director
Phone 973.443. 8946
E-mail donnamjr@fdu.edu


Ryan Stalgaitis
Campus Director
Phone 973.443. 8339
E-mail rstalgai@fdu.edu
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Tori Resnick, M.A., LAC, NCC
Career Counselor


Kelly Keyes, M.A.
Career Development Specialist

Phone 973.443.8939
E-mail kkeyes@fdu.edu
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Juli McDonald
Career Development Specialist
Phone 973.443.8882
E-mail julimcd@fdu.edu
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Yvonne Bodden
Administrative Assistant
Phone 973.443.8945
E-mail bodden@fdu.edu


Silberman Career Specialist

Marc DeBoer
Career Specialist
Phone 973.443.8862 
E-mail marcd@fdu.edu
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