FDU faculty member participates in nursing program at the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation


By Emily Potrzuski

Recently, Sylvia Colon Cabassa (above, center in blue) , associate director of the nursing program at Fairleigh Dickinson University, participated in The Edmond J. Safra Visiting Nurse Faculty Program at the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation. Cabassa went through the program at The Marlene and Paolo Fresco Institute for Parkinson’s and Movement Disorders at the NYU Langone Medical Center.

This 40-hour accredited program is designed to improve nursing care in Parkinson’s disease by training nurse faculty leaders. They in turn prepare their students to fight the disease on the front lines. Cabassa was joined by faculty from undergraduate nursing programs across the U.S. who were engaged in both hands-on experience with individuals with Parkinson’s and mentorship from nurse specialists at nationally recognized movement disorder centers.

Cabassa wants to share her new knowledge with her students, saying, “I plan to assign each student to care for a client that has a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease. The student will be assigned to complete a Care Map for their client by the end of the semester. During the semester, we will have pre-clinical and post-clinical conferences to discuss the client’s medical condition, treatments, medications, and the client’s response to the care. By the end of the semester, the student will feel confident in caring for a client with Parkinson’s.”

By attending this program, Cabassa and other scholars will help the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation to prepare the next generation of nurses to care for the growing number of people living with Parkinson’s.