Interning at 20th Century Fox and Disney has its perks — red carpet premieres are one of them

Linor Dragons

Above: Disney's Pete's Dragon World Premiere. (Photos courtesy of Linor Nulman)


Interview by Madinah Muhammad

Florham Campus senior Linor Nulman is double majoring in theater arts and communication studies while interning this past summer at Disney and is currently interning at 20th Century Fox. Her personal slogan “It starts with a story” is something she lives by because there is a story behind everything that happens and today she shares her story with us.


FDU: How did you find out about your internship?

LN: I found the Disney internship on their careers website. I previously applied for an internship at Disney three times before I was offered the digital marketing position. It has always been somewhere I dreamed of working and was a big part of my childhood.

An amazing part of the Disney internship was how open everyone at the studios was towards me. I was able to have informational interviews with different people to learn about their career path and ask for advice. One of the people I met with was the head of studio publicity in Manhattan. I mentioned to him that I was interested in publicity and will be studying near New York City. He told me that unfortunately the Disney team in New York did not have any open positions, but he would be glad to send my resume out to other studio publicity teams in New York.

A few days after sending him my resume, the publicity team at 20th Century Fox contacted me and invited me to interview for an internship position.

FDU: What do you enjoy most about your internship?Linor Disney 2

LN:  I believe the most rewarding aspect of interning at 20th Century Fox and Disney is when I see a campaign I created or something I pitched come to life.

Recently Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson launched Moana Mondays for Disney’s upcoming movie “Moana.” This is something that I came up with and pitched to my team, including the Vice President of digital marketing, so now #MoanaMondays happen on Mondays until “Moana” comes out in theaters November 23rd.

At 20th Century Fox I am not just an intern, I am also part of the team, which is really nice. We have team lunch and I get to sit in on team meetings and contribute to the discussion. I am often asked to read a script and to come up with a campaign idea, which is something that I am very fortunate to have since it gives me experience pitching and working on a team.


FDU: What FDU resources and/or classes helped to prepare you for your internship? 

LN: Ryan Stalgaitis and the Florham Campus Career Development Center helped me a lot. I received help with my interview skills, building my resume and writing a personalized cover letter for each company I applied to.

He also helped me with doing mock-interviews, especially answering questions I did not anticipate, but which did come up in some interviews. He advised me to research the company before the interview — it seems obvious but a lot of people do not do that. Another good resource at career development is the bulletin board outside the office that has a lot of internships and jobs in the area that are coming out and it is frequently updated.

There were also a few classes that I took at FDU that helped to prepare me for my internship. “Professional Communications” taught me how to work in a team environment. “Public Relations Writing” taught me how to write press releases using the Associated Press writing format. My acting classes helped me become more confident so that I was better prepared for my internship.

FDU:  What are some online resources/mobile apps students should use to search for internships?Dory

LN: LinkedIn has an app called LinkedIn Jobs where you can specify which jobs you are interested in — so you can look for jobs that have the word “internship” in it and it will give you results on your search based on the location you are interested in.

Also, if there is a specific company that you are interested in, visit the company’s website and search their careers page for internships. Specifically for entertainment internships I looked at

FDU: What did you learn from your internship experience?

LN:  Definitely what it is like to work on a team and in a corporate office environment. I get to participate in a lot of different parts of publicity that include researching different markets, pitching campaigns, reading scripts and going to screenings and opening night events.

I also learned a lot about myself and the type of worker that I am. I enjoy that digital marketing and publicity is not behind the desk 24/7, you go to events and experience things that a lot of other people do not. For example, I was able to visit Snapchat headquarters during my internship.

FDU: What advice do you have for fellow classmates interested in getting an internship?

LN: My favorite quote is “No does not mean never, it just means not right now.” If you get a “no” from somewhere it does not mean do not ever reapply or “no” you are not good enough. It just means someone else is getting that one “yes,” after they have been told “no” from somewhere else. I applied for the internship at Disney three times, but I did not give up because I knew it was something that I really wanted to achieve.

Also, you have to find your own door to open. If you do not find a door to knock on and open, then you are not going to get anything — something is not just going to fall in your lap. My advice, take the initiative to look everywhere because there are opportunities right in front of you. Internships are a place to learn and a time to grow so take them and say yes.