From Gilded Age estate to today’s college campus: a photo history

fofbookAbove: A new photo book traces the history of FDU's Florham Campus, from its construction as a great estate in the 1890s to its current iteration as college campus. (Photos by Dan Landau) 


By Emily Potrzuski

Fairleigh Dickinson University’s Florham Campus was originally built as a great family estate in the 1890s. A new book, “Florham: an American Treasure” traces the evolution of the property from gilded age mansion to college campus today.

Published by the Friends of Florham, the book paints the story of the great estate with history about the Vanderbilt and Twombly families, what a typical weekend as a guest of Florence Vanderbilt Twombly looked like, other Morris County mansions and estates, and the unique survival of the estate when its neighbors disappeared.

fofbook1The book is illustrated with rare archival photographs, allowing readers to be transported back in time. New color photographs were taken specifically for the book, captures the contemporary beauty of FDU’s Florham Campus.

Order a copy of “Florham: An American Treasure” through the Florham Campus Bookstore at All proceeds from the sale will be used by the Friends of Florham to continue renovations to the historic Hennessy Hall and the grounds.

The Friends of Florham is an organization whose goal is to advise and assist the University in the care, maintenance and historic preservation of the historically important buildings and grounds of the Florham Campus.