After landing his dream internship, Charles Doyle is ready for a career in advertising

CJ stairs(Photos by Madinah Muhammad)


Interview by Madinah Muhammad

Florham Campus senior Charles “CJ” Doyle, a marketing major, talks about his summer internship in the digital strategy department at healthcare company McCann Torre Lazur, where he discovered how much more there is to learn about his passion for advertising.


FDU: How did you find out about your internship?

CJ: I was searching for internships and came across one at McCann Torre Lazur, so I reached out to my mentor and I also went to the Florham Campus Career Development Center and spoke with Ryan Stalgaitis, and he got me on the right track.

Ryan helped me with updating my resume and getting my cover letter into shape so that it was customized for this specific internship. This was the internship that I really wanted out of all that I applied to, and thankfully I got it.


FDU: What do you enjoy most about your internship?

CJ: As a digital strategy intern at McCann Torre Lazur I worked on the media-based side of advertising, which is more creative. I was responsible for individual campaigns and that provided me with a more holistic perspective of advertising in comparison to what I experienced in my previous internships.

What I enjoyed the most was learning about the industry itself. It was kind of a trial test for me to see if this was something I wanted to do for the rest of my life and if it was the kind of industry and type of work that I wanted to pursue, and it confirmed that belief for me.

It confirmed that advertising is the avenue that I want to go into. I learned that McCann Torre Lazur is a great group of people that I would love to work with again.

FDU: What FDU resources and/or classes helped to prepare you for your internship? 

CJ:  My “Digital Marketing” class really helped me to understand the lingo and terminology used in this industry. Understanding that and being able to apply it in my internship was really beneficial.

FDU:  What are some online resources/mobile apps students should use to search for internships?CJ 1

CJ: is a great resource for college students and young professionals looking for an internship and/or job. They hold big networking events in NYC called Hustle Summit where you meet and speak with recruiters from companies like HBO, Time Magazine, Loreal, BuzzFeed, etc. Going to these events gives you a gauge of where you are in your internship journey and areas you need to improve.

Another benefit of FindSpark is that it helps you build your network by allowing you to make connections with people and receive great advice. LinkedIn is a great tool that allows you to stay in touch with people you networked with or worked with in the past.

Also, CareerShift and Career Quest, available through the Career Development Center, are great resources. Each is a search engine that locates relevant internship and job opportunities based on information you provide.


FDU: What did you learn from your internship experience?

CJ:  If you find an environment that you are comfortable in, where the people are fun and interesting and the culture is really in tune with you, it really makes a difference in your workday – it will go by quickly.

If you go into an internship and can say “Wow, I really love the people” and “I really love the work,” strongly consider staying there because you are not going to find that feeling everywhere.


FDU: What advice do you have for fellow classmates interested in getting an internship?

CJ:  I think it is important to customize your resume and cover letter to the position you are applying for by including only relevant skills and also go to your Career Development Center as soon as possible. There are awesome people there who really do help. They taught me about CareerShift and Career Quest, which was so helpful in my internship search.

It is also important to do a self-check to see your areas of strengths/weakness and opportunities/threats. Knowing that will help you figure out what you want to do as a career.

Try taking an internship in something you are weak in so that you can become stronger — you can take those risks at the internship level. Overall I would say, know that self-check, know who you are, communicate that on your resume, communicate that on your cover letter and communicate that in the interview. If you are consistent with it and that is the message that the employer gets and also the message that they are looking for in a candidate, you have a greater chance of getting hired.