Vancouver student says ‘Ni hao’ from Chengdu

Nhi Luc, a sophomore from Vietnam studying communications at Fairleigh Dickinson University’s Vancouver Campus, just returned from a month-long study abroad trip to Chengdu, China. While there she took two classes, Intermediate Mandarin and the Silk Road, met students from FDU’s Florham Campus, and toured the countryside. Below she shares some photos and details of her international adventure!

By Nhi Luc

The experience I gained while studying abroad in Chengdu, China from June 10 to July 9 was just amazing! In 29 days, I learned not only from school, but also from the local life of the Chinese, exploring their language, food, traditions, and architecture. I cannot believe that in just one month I have been to so many places, doing numerous activities!

Nhi Luc in Chengdu

I stayed at the Huaxi Campus of Sichuan University, which is beautiful. It has many lotus lakes and this is the biggest one. I went to class every day passing this lotus lake and this clock tower, which is not only the symbol of Sichuan University, but also of Chengdu city.

Mandarin class

This is my Intermediate Mandarin class. Learning a language in one month is not really easy, but our teachers were always helpful. On the closing ceremony day, we performed a Chinese song called “Farewell” for our teachers and friends.

Silk Road history class in Chengdu

This is my other class, the Silk Road, and here we are on a field trip to Jinsha Museum. This class was instructed by Dr. Andrew, who has lots of experience of living and working abroad. Besides the history of the Silk Road, he also expanded the class to include many essential international relations issues.

Temple in China 3

On the weekends or after class, I usually went to some local attractions in Chengdu. This is Wuhou Temple in which people worship Kongming and others from the “Three Kingdoms Period.”

Jinli in China

Jinli is a tourist alley in which you can find numerous restaurants and stores. That’s why this place is always crowded and noisy, but it’s still a good place to find local food and stuff. In fact, Jinli alley was drawn for the movie Kung Fu Panda 3 after the crew came to Chengdu to see pandas and learn about Chinese culture.

Tea in Chengdu

Chengdu is also famous for its tea tradition. This is a typical tea set in a Chengdu teahouse. You are always welcome to have a cup of hot tea in Chengdu!

Giant Buddha

The Giant Buddha in Leshan Mountain, the tallest carving of Buddha in stone on Earth, is a two-hour drive away from Chengdu. One Saturday, using my Mandarin to ask the way, I caught a coach and a bus to come here. I hiked to the top of the mountain and saw marvelous landscapes and temples.

Bamboo group

One of the “must-go” destinations on Earth: the bamboo forest in Yibin (six hours away from Chengdu). It’s an amazing landscape with 120 hectares of bamboo, five lakes and fresh air! I came here with my Mandarin teacher (Yu laoshi) and Stephanie, my classmate.

Bamboo two

These photos show just a slice of what we did and saw in Chengdu, such as the yoga festival, a panda tour, ancient town, wide and narrow ancient alley and more.

Students meet in China

For me, this is the best photo of this summer! FDU students from the Vancouver Campus met Florham students and faculty. It’s hard to describe the feeling of having some “siblings” from another campus in the U.S., and finally meeting in China! We exchanged the unique stories of each campus, the American and Canadian experience, plus advice about studying at each campus. Some of the Florham students even tried to convince me to transfer there for the upcoming semester, which is now my plan. I will see you guys in the near future.

Thanks to g-MEO (editor’s note: the company helps facilitate study abroad opportunities between American universities and Chinese institutions) and FDU for making my summer more adventurous and unforgettable!