13 times Wroxton Abbey reigned supreme

By Kenna Caprio

There’s a reason Wroxton College is called the “crown jewel” of Fairleigh Dickinson University — because whether staying for a week or a semester, students come to treasure their time at the Abbey. Here are a few of the Abbey’s most magical and majestic moments:

1. When the entire galaxy, and so many stars, seemed within reach:

Abbey at night

(Photo by W. Scott Giglio)

2. When autumn blew in, and looked like a postcard:

Abbey autumn

(Photo by Joe Castillo)

3. When the Abbey went full "Wuthering Heights," under a shroud of mist:

Abbey in mist

(Photo by Dan Landau)

4. When the Abbey seemed a little frosty, despite the great lighting:

Abbey with frost

(Photo by Dan Landau)

5. When the snow fell, but couldn't stay long at the Abbey:

Abbey with snow

(Photo by Art Petrosemolo)

6. When the Abbey was the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow:

Abbey rainbow

(Photo by Andrew Rose)

7. When daffodils signaled signs of spring at the Abbey:

Abbey daffodils

(Photo by Andrew Rose)

8. When a honey-tinged golden hour cast sunlight over the Abbey and grounds:

Abbey golden hour

(Photo by Ryan Stalgaitis)

9. When the Abbey looked straight out of an old Hollywood noir film:

Abbey black and white

(Photo by Dan Landau)

10. When the view from above might even top the view from the ground:

Wroxton aerial

(Photo by Harry Rhodes)

11. When the Abbey was regal, imposing and welcoming all at once:

Wroxton sunny

(Photo by W. Scott Giglio)

12. When the Abbey reminded us of Hogwarts. Where's the Sorting Hat?

Abbey as Hogwarts

(Photo by @strumminalex)

13. When "the long and winding road that leads to your door, will never disappear..." -The Beatles:

Abbey road

(Photo by Joshua Siniscal)