Five questions with the Vancouver Campus Pinnacle recipient: Carlos Martell

By Kenna Caprio

Carlos MartellMay 5, 2017 — With encouragement from peers and professors alike, Carlos Martell of Santa Tecla, El Salvador, found his voice in college at Fairleigh Dickinson University. Now, he will use it as the student speaker at the Vancouver Campus commencement on May 3; he graduates with a BS in information technology and a minor in business administration. As outgoing president of the Student Government Association, Martell says of his college experience, “I loved getting to know people. As SGA president and as a non-native student, I realized I could help students, and make sure that whatever they wanted to say to the University, they would be heard.”

FDU: What was a positive surprise about coming to FDU?

Carlos Martell: I knew that coming to a university with small classes would allow me to interact with my professors in a more personal way, but I never thought I would be so close to them!

From day one, I knew I could count on my professors at an academic and a personal level, and since then I’ve had their full support. Thanks to that support, I have been able to achieve most of my goals.

FDU: How has FDU made a lasting impression on you?

CM: I feel like a global citizen. Not only because of my classes and my instructors, but also because I had the opportunity to interact with people from all over the world.

I've spent time listening to their ideas, and they have paid attention to what I have to say. Attending National Model United Nations in New York City was proof of how comfortable I am now working together with people, no matter where they are coming from.

FDU: What will you remember most from college?

CM: My instructors and my classmates — FDU always felt like a second family to me. They were always supporting me when something bad happened, and cheered me on when I received awards or I had achievements. I don't think I will find such coziness anywhere else!

FDU: What were some of your academic goals? How did you achieve them?

CM: I was aiming to keep a high GPA, get multiple certifications that would help my career, and obtain an internship in my area of interest during my last semester. Thankfully, I was able to achieve all of my goals, and it was due to the support of everyone around me, as well as my own perseverance.

Sometimes I felt I wanted to give up, because I was doing too many things at the same time, but I just kept trying until all my goals were fulfilled!

FDU: What are you most excited for after graduation?

CM: I was fortunate enough to land an internship at a great company in my field of interest during my last semester: Cloudreach! Cloud computing is trending and the market expanding. It’s really innovative technology that has grown a lot in the last ten years.

The current plan is to work as hard as I worked at FDU in developing my career. My goal is to continue studying for more certifications in my field, as technology is always changing, and it will be easier for me to keep the pace than to take a break from studying and resuming later on.