Student Faith Hill gets a glimpse of a career in human resources while interning at Bristol-Myers Squibb

By Madinah Muhammadfaith1

Metropolitan Campus senior Faith Hill, a psychology major with a concentration in human resources, from Hightstown, N.J., talks about her recent internship at Bristol-Myers Squibb in Lawrenceville, N.J., where she learned about global diversity and inclusion.

FDU: How did you find out about your internship?

Faith Hill: Stephen Bear, assistant professor of my Human Resources (HR) course Organizational Behavior was also a vice president of HR at Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS). After sharing a copy of my resume with him and my interest in working there, he forwarded my resume to his colleagues. Shortly thereafter, the Diversity and Inclusion Department contacted me.

I was hired on the spot during my second interview with the head of diversity and inclusion at BMS. The company generally only hires graduate students as part of their internship program, so as the only undergraduate intern, I was paired with the graduate interns for more exposure and experience.

FDU: What did you enjoy most about your internship?

FH: I enjoyed attending a community event sponsored by the Black Organization for Leadership Development (BOLD) — a business resource group at BMS. BOLD works with the W.E.B. Du Bois Scholars Institute program — which provides middle and high school students from different ethnic groups with a collaborative learning environment located at Princeton University. With BMS being a sponsor of this program, it felt great to be a young black woman interning at such a prominent company and being able to see that this experience is an option for me as I move towards my career goals after college.

During this event, I participated in a question and answer panel discussion for the program students, where I shared my experience working at BMS and my career goals. I also spoke with students afterwards, giving advice about the importance of taking an internship to gain business experience.


Above: Faith Hill (center left) with colleagues at Bristol-Myers Squibb. (Photos courtesy of Hill)

FDU: What FDU resources and classes helped to prepare you for your internship?

FH: Mostly, all of my HR classes were beneficial for me during this internship. HR Management prepared me for an overall HR mindset. One assignment in this class tasked me with assuming the job responsibilities of an HR generalist where I had to develop solutions to different work scenarios. Organizational Behavior exposed me to how businesses work overseas by analyzing best practices in India. Social Psychology provided me with an understanding of what motivates people and drives their behavior, while understanding which personalities work well together. This course helped me to coordinate a large mentoring program panel at BMS. I was responsible for developing the program agenda and identifying and securing the guest panel. I was invited back to see the results of the work I did for this project since the event took place after my internship ended.

FDU: What did you learn from your internship experience?

FH: I learned to be vocal and to not be afraid to provide my input in a team meeting. The reason why I was put on the core team for the panel discussion project is because I answered a question asked of the core team. If I did not voice my opinion, I would have missed out on the opportunity to be part of the project.

FDU: What advice do you have for fellow classmates interested in getting an internship?

FH: Definitely leverage your connections and make sure your LinkedIn account is current. Connections can be made through the relationships you develop with your professors, where they can share your resume with potential employers. Also, actively seeking out opportunities in career development and attending career fairs is beneficial.