FDU cheerleading squads unite

FDU cheerleaders collage

Scenes of the FDU Knights cheerleading squad at the Reach the Beach Ocean City All Star and College Nationals cheer competition, with some Devilish additions. (Photos courtesy of Emily Potrzuski)

By Emily Potrzuski

Throughout my four years of attending Fairleigh Dickinson University, the sentiment “one University” didn’t have much of a meaning to me. The four campuses are separate, distinctive. There’s no denying that.

When people asked about college, I would always make sure I specified which campus I went to, even though they’re all Fairleigh Dickinson University. It wasn’t until this year, my senior year, that I really experienced the true meaning of “one University.”

I’ve been a cheerleader at the Florham Campus since my sophomore year. Near the end of the cheer season, the coach from the Metropolitan Campus reached out to my coach about needing extra girls from our squad for their competition routine. I wanted to do it because I wasn’t quite ready to be done cheerleading forever, so I eagerly agreed.

The first time my other teammates and I traveled to Metro, I was shocked to see how different it is from the Florham Campus. I was used to how secluded my campus is versus how open the Metro Campus is.

But the longer we went to Metro to practice, the more similarities I saw between the two. I even found myself saying that it was the same school. My teammates would joke around and say it wasn’t the same, but I always justified that we attend the same school, just at different campuses.

On March 31, the squad traveled down to Ocean City, Md., to compete in the Reach the Beach Ocean City All Star and College Nationals cheer competition. It was an exciting and fun weekend — we ended up placing third in our category, Collegiate-Small All-Girl.

I realized at the end of the day, after I stepped on the cheer mat one last time, it didn’t matter whether or not my uniform said “Devils” or “Knights,” what matters is that we represent one University.