Touring Iceland: A modern, frozen, fabled land

Editor’s note: Over winter break 2017, Samuel Raphalides, professor of political science and history and director of the Global Scholars Program, led a group of Global Scholars on a trip to Iceland. For six days, the Metropolitan Campus students and chaperones explored icy frontiers, engaged with Icelanders and hiked the island. Here, two of those students, Melanie Perez, a junior from Allentown, Pa., studying forensic psychology, and Olivia Ford, a graduate student studying public administration from Barnegat, N.J., recall the experience.

Iceland, according to Melanie Perez

Junior Melanie Perez, with Gullfoss waterfall in Iceland's "The Golden Circle," behind her. (Photo courtesy of Perez)

Melanie Perez Iceland

Iceland, according to Olivia Ford

Graduate student Olivia Ford on the black sand beach of Reynisfjara in the village of Vík. (Photo courtesy of Ford)

Olivia Ford in Iceland