FDU ranks highly in student income mobility


January 2017 — According to the Equality of Opportunity Project report on the role of colleges in intergenerational mobility, Fairleigh Dickinson University was ranked near the top among universities in the state and nation for helping students move from lower income brackets to the middle and upper class. In fact, 24 percent of students who graduate from FDU move up by two or more income quintiles. FDU ranks 80th for mobility out of 578 selective private colleges nationwide.

President Christopher A. Capuano said, “The study affirms the success of Fairleigh Dickinson University in ensuring that students have access to an affordable education and speaks to the great value of an FDU degree in preparing students for successful careers.”

The study compared data on the financial standing of a student's family before they begin college and the graduate's earnings after gaining a college degree. To see how FDU stands, click here.