Words and music about war and healing collide in Lenfell Hall for WAMFest


By Dan Landau

The American String Quartet joined forces with members of Warrior Writers and acclaimed writers Tom Sleigh and Phil Klay to perform WAMFest 2015’s “Lyric in a Time of War” before a packed audience in Lenfell Hall on Thursday, Oct. 15.



Eli Wright and Kevin Basl (above) of the veterans-focused arts group Warrior Writers, opened the program with readings of their poetry.


Built around WAMFest’s theme of “The Art of Healing: Veterans,” the event featured war-centric readings by Sleigh (above right) and U.S. Marine Corps veteran Klay (above left), interspersed between musical selections by the quartet. These pieces included Dmitri Shostakovich’s “String Quartet #8,” a memorial to the victims of fascism and war.

Bruce Peabody, professor of political science emceed the program.

wamf3WAMFest is an annual series of unique conversations, collaborations, and performances hosted by FDU that attempts to break down barriers between different genres in the arts, particularly between what are considered “high” and “low” arts, and to celebrate what is shared among all artists and all audiences. Distinguished guests have included, Bruce Springsteen, Robert Pinsky, Rosanne Cash, Neil Gaiman, and Jonathan Demme.

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WAMFest 2015 is sponsored by Bob and Patricia Pures, the National Endowment for the Arts, Atlantic Health System, and the Morris Arts Council.