Artist and veteran Tom Miller ushers in WAMFest 2015: “The Art of Healing: Veterans”


Above: "Boots on the Ground" was one of the pieces artist Tom Miller (right) displayed during his presentation.

By Dan Landau

WAMFest 2015 kicked off on October 14 with a presentation and art display by Tom Miller, a longtime Florham Institute of Lifelong Learning student and veritable fixture in the Florham Campus art department. The theme of this year’s WAMFest is “The Art of Healing: Veterans” and examines how art can help veterans heal from the wounds of war.

Miller, a Vietnam veteran himself, has been creating war-focused art for decades and he talked about his work and his creative process.

“I work to show the fighting man’s hardships and the tragedies of war in various media, including painting, ceramics, drawing, and sculpture,” he said.

Art professors, Judy Moonelis and George Cochrane, introduced Miller’s presentation.


Above: Thomas Miller exhibited "Patrol on Dan's Road." 

WAMFest is an annual series of unique conversations, collaborations, and performances hosted by FDU that attempts to break down barriers between different genres in the arts, particularly between what are considered “high” and “low” arts, and to celebrate what is shared among all artists and all audiences. Guests have included, among many others, Bruce Springsteen, Robert Pinsky, Rosanne Cash, Paul Muldoon, Jonathan Demme, and Talib Kweli.

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WAMFest 2015 is sponsored by Bob and Patricia Pures, the National Endowment for the Arts, Atlantic Health System, and the Morris Arts Council.