Anthony Trusso presents on John Brown's raid on Harper's Ferry

Antony Trusso 2

FDU student Anthony Trusso spent his summer working at Harper’s Ferry in Virginia as an intern with the National Parks Service. On Thursday, October 22, 2015, he gave a presentation entitled “John Brown at Harper’s Ferry” to standing-room-only crowd in Tombly Lounge.

Anthony Trusso 1

The event was sponsored by Becton College and the College Writing Program. Freshman at the Florham Campus are reading The Good Lord Bird, by James McBride, a novel whose events revolve around the dawn of the Civil War. In the book, the main character and narrator Henry Shackleford, a slave, joins abolitionist John Brown and takes part in the raid on Harper’s Ferry.

The raid on Harper’s Ferry was a catalyst of the Civil War.