11 times Metro river views were perfection

By Kenna Caprio

Nearly everyone who teaches, learns, works and plays at FDU's Metropolitan Campus has witnessed (or photographed!) a sunset flickering across the Hackensack River. But not everyone knows that the tidal river running through campus also makes for a pretty scene day or night, year-round. Check it out:

1. When the river wore blue trimmed with snow:

Post-blizzard panorama


(Photo by Bill Kennedy)

2. When the river played hide and seek under a fresh blanket of snow:

Frozen Metro tundra

(Photo by @jsan_dip)

3. When the skies above erupted in a pastel rainbow of color:

Rainbow river sunset

(Photo by @jcasttttt)

4. When the river played the part of a mirror, and reflected its best self:

Metro river reflection spring

(Photo by @moisesk86)

5. When the river fell into shadows and light to show off some silhouettes:

Metro river shadows

(Photo by @peiranx)

6. When the river was the whole world, and the whole world was the river:

Metro river globe

(Photo by @colecoldwater)

7. When it seemed like warm, sunny days on the river would last forever:

Summer river blue

(Photo by Bill Kennedy)

8. When the river looked perfect for a late night swim… but only if you’re a bird:

Night swimming bird

(Photo by Bill Kennedy)

9. When the river showed off its boldest autumnal hues, and made us eager for the fall semester:

Fall colors on Hackensack River

(Photo by @lolostavrou)

10. When the river took a cue from Game of Thrones and became “A Song of Ice and Fire” one winter evening:

Metro winter sunset

(Photo by @_erilyn_)

11. When the river looked amazing, no matter the season. #myfdu

River all seasons

(Photo by @rainbow420)