11 times Hennessy Hall took our breath away

By Kenna Caprio

Hennessy Hall, the iconic mansion on the former Vanderbilt-Twombly estate, remains the centerpiece of FDU’s Florham Campus today — replete with academic offices, meeting rooms and classrooms.  The classically collegiate building stands out, casting the shadows of history into the present, no matter the weather, the season or the year. Check it out:

1. When Hennessy Hall wore vintage, was still part of the old estate, and photographed in black and white

Aerial mansion archival no border


(Photo courtesy of FDU Archives)

2. When autumn leaves fell, decorating the grounds surrounding Hennessy Hall:

Hennessy Hall autumn

(Photo by Dan Landau)

3. When Hennessy Hall shone brightly by day or night:

Hennessy night holiday lights

(Photo by Dan Landau)

4. When snow coated the trees, and made everything into a winter wonderland:

Florham snow trees, Hennessy Hall 1

(Photo by @chivedaddy)

5. When Hennessy Hall towered above, like a force to be reckoned with. Cue the “Rocky” theme song:

Hennessy back steps

(Photo by @310visuals)

6. When blossoms came into focus, and framed Hennessy Hall just right:

Hennessy Hall w/blossoms

(Photo by Dan Landau)

7. When “look up” changed everything, yielding a new perspective:

Hennessy Hall looking up

(Photo by Dan Landau)

8. When Hennessy Hall looked classy and classic from every angle:

Hennessy Hall angles

(Photo by @cruiserchris)

9. When Hennessy Hall said, “goodnight, moon”:

Hennessy Hall moon

(Photo by Bill Kennedy)

10. When Hennessy Hall was in its summer glory, showing off its lush gardens and charming fountain:

Hennessy Hall panorama

(Photo by Bill Kennedy)


11. When Hennessy Hall got meta, and was caught on camera, twice:

Scott camera w/Hennessy reflection

(Photo by Dan Landau & W. Scott Giglio)